• Radio Plays: Charity Radio Play: A Princess Carol / The Electric Five / Doctor Whooves and Assistant [Ep 8 Pt 2] Terror

    Radio play time! You may recognize that first one, but if you don't, its from the charity event a few days ago that Bronies for Good ran.  Boatloads of awesome people collaborated to make it, so be sure to check it out!

    And in slot number two, we have the pilot to a new Torchwood based series.  And if that isn't Who enough for you, get Doctor Whooves and Assistant episode 8 part 2 after it!

    Now go!

    1.) Charity Radio Play: A Princess Carol
    2.) TAA Presents - The Electric Five [Pilot]
    3.) Doctor Whooves and Assistant [Ep 8 Pt 2] Terror

    After over a year of work and after the livestream premiere on Sunday, the radio play A Princess Carol is now on YouTube!
    [A Princess Carol is] a pony take on an old Christmas classic with multiple carols, penned by the talented John Perry, inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and featuring the voices of Hannah as Luna, Memj0123 as Celestia and Spike, Meredith Sims as Twilight, ProjectSNT as Pinkie Pie, Adrienne as Fluttershy, Rev as Coltroy, Deftfunk as the town crier, Mochi as Mayor Mayor and Zecora, and Sleepypony as narrator. Join us as we travel on a journey with Princess Luna: Will she see the true meaning of Hearth’s Warming before it’s too late?
    The numerous carols included in the project are going to be released by and by whenever the Seeds of Kindness 3 charity fundraiser reaches donation milestones, so subscribe and donate away!