• Holiday and Christmas Music!

    Quite a bit of Christmas/Holiday themed music came in these past few days.  For the sake of the holidays, these aren't going to go through much review at all, but some are really good anyway, so go get some Christmas cheer below! Vocals at the top, Instrumentals below them, and a cute parody/Dinky thing to finish it.

    [1] Source
    Around The Hearth ft. Tellab

    [2] Source
    Nuclear Winter Wonderland - SkyBolt (Fallout: Equestria)

    [3] Source
    On Hearth's Warming Eve-Visionsofthepoet (Symphonic metal)

    [4] Source
    Winter Star - Hearth's Warming Eve - Reverbrony

    [5] Source
    Macarou & Kingsley Evergreen - The Night Before Hearth's Warming (Ambient/Downtempo)

    [6] Source
    Snowfall - LeafRunner

    [7] Source
    Dinky's Carol