• Plushie Compilation #135

    Trixie doesn't get many header opportunities for these posts unless Seth does them so why not give her some time in the spotlight? I'm sure she'd enjoy the attention.

    Plushies heading at you guys! Check them all after the break.

    [1] Source
    Was There Ever Any Doubt?

    [2] Source
    Mona Pia

    [3] Source
    Commission: Star Struck Custom OC Plush

    [4] Source
    MLP FiM: Baby Star Struck

    [5] Source
    MLP FiM: Filly Star Struck

    [6] Source
    Rarity custom plush

    [7] Source
    Pinkie Pie - Chibi/Filly Plush

    [8] Source
    Lime Light (OC) - Plush

    [9] Source
    Scootaloo custom plus

    [10] Source
    For sale: Cloudchaser custom plush scarf n goggles

    [11] Source
    Vinyl Scratch Dj-pon3 custom plush

    [12] Source
    The Apple Sisters

    [13] Source
    Christmas Applejack

    [14] Source
    Rainbow Dash in turquoise

    [15] Source
    Bon bon

    [16] Source
    Fluttershy plush v4 with 3D mane

    [17] Source
    FOR SALE: Crystal Rarity Custom Plush

    [18] Source
    Flutter by, Fluttershy!

    [19] Source
    Vinyl Scratch Plushie

    [20] Source
    Life-Size Lyra Heartstrings - 48inches (4ft) Tall

    [21] Source
    Adult Size Comparison- With Lyra

    [22] Source
    Colgate Plushie

    [23] Source
    Let it Snow! Snowdrop Pony Plushie

    [24] Source
    My little pony plush Celestia

    [25] Source