• "Daring Don't" : Episode Followup

    Everyone else makes super fancy banners in photoshop for these this year, but I have ragequit three times in the last two weeks trying to make holiday banners that work with our parallax header, so I've given up on that program for the time being. Have cute Dash instead.

    I've honestly been waiting for another Daring Do episode since season two!  If we don't get any of a certain other blue pony I tend to obsess over, I'll still be happy. 

    (I'll be even happier if we do get some GREAT AND POWERFULNESS though.  Make it happen DHX!  Just toss her in the background or something!)

    Anyway, get some followup below!

    These two just keep having these "moments".  I'm not talking about full on fanfiction level shipping here either.  The normal completely platonic friendship they have gained over the seasons is great. We may corrupt it every chance we get, but on a fundamental show focused level, its cute.

    (Not that I have any problem with corrupting it though~)

    So who wants to name the new indian/tribal/evil sun worshipping Earth pony cult race? Apparently they have the power to boil worlds with hundreds of years of intense heat just by stacking rings up.  And here I was thinking Celestia was the only one that could pull that off.  Does just "anyone" control the sun in Equestria?

    Of course, when you have a race that can create tornadoes with their tails, I guess world ending apocalypses are just every day life.  Can you imagine if people on Earth could just "do" stuff like this? The human race would have been wiped out thousands of years ago! 

    I'm getting too deep into environmental science and human nature here though, so have some scunchy face to break it up. 

    And whatever this is. 

    I've actually gotten five or six emails every single week about Discord being in Fluttershy's window during the intro scene, so lets put it on record here and now that we have, in fact, posted it. 

    And from this point on, Dash is adorable. 

    But not as adorable as scrunchy face Applejack in a giant gaudy hat. She went up to 4th best for a good five minutes after this on my personal list! And you guys said I was biased against her!

    What's with ponies spitting on other ponies in this show?  It's bad enough that they slobber on everything. 

    Onward to our new best princess! Has anyone noticed Twilight gaining a few centimeters in every episode as the season goes on? Look how much taller she is now.  Are we going to see a Cadance/Luna body model for her in the future? God that would look so weird.

    "Don't lie Twilight, you know you like it~"

    This is the first time in any cartoon I have ever seen someone actually physically painting the line during one of those overhead traveling map scenes.  Only in a show with Pinkie Pie would this happen.

    While I'm on the topic of Pinkie Pie, she seems to have ramped it up to level 10 on the random meter this season.  With Discord chillin' in Ponyville, I have a feeling shes getting a bit of coaching from her chocolate rain idol. Maybe a Discord/Pinkie Pie combo episode in the future? Would the fandom explode? Would the internet explode?

    We have a pile of junk here, all of which is potential references to something.  Without any background ponies, I'm kind of grasping at straws here when it comes to pop culture stuff.  Does that idol have any significance? How about the jackal statue? Someone point something out!

    We all think it in these kinds of situations Dashie, but you aren't supposed to say it~


    "I could save the world and destroy the ring right now before these guys steal it, but then I won't be able to sell any books..."

    See that dude over there in the left hand side? That's a fedora wielder right there.  You all could learn something from him. 

    These two freaking out about the Daring Do universe canon reminds me of my Skype chat channels and Twitter after every single episode.  This is literally how every pony fan on the internet would react if Twilight Sparkle suddenly teleported into their living room battling it out with Chrysalis. 

    I'm sure this guy is a reference.  That skull with the ruby in the eyesocket butt symbol has to relate to something.  Did I ever mention that I've never actually sat through all three Indiana Jones movies?  So many times in my childhood we'd rent them and end up making it halfway through the second one before getting burnt out and doing something else. I know, I'm a bad person.

    Rarity's reaction to the back and forth nerdgasm Twilight and Rainbow are having here is something a lot of people that are dragged to Comic Con every year probably go through.  She looks so concerned for their sanity.  "What are you guys doing with your lives?". Ponies like Rarity just don't understand. 

    More cute Dash.

    Moving on.... 

    to more cute Dash. 

    I was honestly just going to screencap a bunch of her fangirl expressions, drop them in a post, title it "Daring Don't" - Episode Followup, and go to bed.  I bet you guys wouldn't even care. 

    "That is literally me every time I talk to the show staff" - Couch Crusader

    I bet a lot of you go through that at conventions when you see them in the halls.  This entire scene was the perfect representation of that.

    Alright, time to get deep and analytical again.  It was around this point where I started getting a "this might just be a Rainbow Dash self insert fanfic all along" vibe.  I was ~10% expecting that to be the ending of the episode.  The lights would dim as we zoomed back to Ponyville and see a ridiculously happy Rainbow Dash watching Twilight finish the last page of her brand new hoof-written fanfiction novella.  You know she's doing it.  No one goes that far into the "overly obsessed fan" territory without at least one secret personal masterpiece buried in an encrypted folder on their hard drive somewhere. 

    Lets just hope it's not this kind of fanfic. 

    (alright, I bet a few of you are)

    "I could have just offered to buy the ring with this giant sack of gold back at my house, but then I still wouldn't be able to sell any books!"

    Is she shipping Ahuizotl with Daring Do now?  This isn't how self insert fanfiction is supposed to work Dash!

    That can't be a comfortable pose to be in with 4 legs.  Daring in the following scenes appears to break pony physics more than Pinkie Pie does though, so maybe she's used to being captured and stretched at this point.

    I have seriously re-written this caption 12 times now.  I went from something along the lines of "Pinkie Pie is a god" to "lolcutpinkponi".  There just aren't words that be used to describe Pinkie Pie sometimes.

    I wonder what the charge for assaulting a princess in Equestria is? Maybe they just didn't notice the wing/horn combo? Or maybe this far out in the wilderness Celestia's dominion isn't considered relevant?  Maybe this is a new world altogether, which would explain the whole "lets just boil everyone alive with that totally Celestia controlled sun" thing? Maybe it really is Rainbow Dash's fanfic? 

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one that immediately thought that.  Thanks to Plasmawiz for the 30 second edit.  (and everyone else that sent their versions of said edit). 

    And then they hugged

    "Stalking people builds friendship, but only if you are awesome like me!". 

    Dash had the best episode moral ever.  

    Overall, I had a blast with this episode. The action was great, the interactions between ponies superb, and Rainbow Dash was adorable, while still retaining her usual Dashie self in the end.  If there is one thing static at all about this show, it's that Dash never actually learns anything for more than five minutes.

    "@MeghanMcCarthy @goldenrusset @TheRealSibsy @DavePolsky @Mktoon Please Notice me! ^ ^ I love you guys!" - All of us on Twitter

    I can't help but think there was a secret inside joke revolving around the entire episode based on our obsessive following of the absolutely every little detail of the show that we can possibly get our hands on.

    I still wish it ended as a Rainbow authored fanfic though...