• Nightly Roundup #838

    It's not Twixie until horns touch.  We are perfectly safe with this one.

    Get some roundup below!

    Ponies Invade Taiwanese Government Christmas Comic

    The copypasta from Ajnrules explains it the best:

    The Taiwanese government continues to embrace the power of ponies. This time it's Pinkie Pie appearing in a Christmas comic commissioned by the Pingtung county government for a Catholic Church. Then again the cameo may not be so surprising considering the piece was drawn by noted pony artist Shepherd0821. 

    Fluttershy Sings Stuff!

    Or almost Fluttershy!

    Equestria Girls Vengeance

    Yep, I'm confused too. Find it here.

    Christmas Contest

    Info over here! 

    Bluescreen Bronies Charity Livestream

    Attention Video Game fans and Bronies alike

    Our show, “Bluescreen Bronies” is hosting our second annual charity drive in support of the video game and entertainment themed organization “Child's Play”. Our drive’s goal is to raise $3000 and donate those proceeds to “Childs Play”. To accomplish this we will be streaming live 48 hours worth of gaming, interviews, and musical guests beginning Friday, December 20 9PM EST continuing through Sunday, December 22 9PM EST. There will be scheduled prize give-aways at both random and regular interval which include, but are not limited to, Steam Cash, Video Games for both console and PC/Mac, as well as complete Console packages.

    We hope to get some of your favorite Voice talents, artist, and writers from within the fandom and the show. In addition, look out for some talent from the video game universe to swing in and chat with you, our loyal viewers. The goal is to make our donation to “Child’s Play” as large as possible, exceeding last years donation of $800.

    For more information on our charity drive as well as details on where you’ll be able to join us, please follow our Twitter @BluescrnBronies and if you’d like to join us on the live show or if you have something to contribute to the drive to be given away please do not hesitate to contact us. ([email protected])

    Trotmania III Announced

    All info over here!


    Reactions are Magic : Castle Mane-ia!

    Find it over here!

    Talking Ponies Podcast

    Find it hover here!

    Mo Ponies 18

     Here's the latest episode of Mo' Ponies! This will probably be the last to feature five games as I'm Thinking about switching to three. This episode has Crazy Pony, Twilight Sparkle vs Trixie, Legend of Zelda: A Derp to the Past, Vine Slicer and Mega Pony.

    My Little Parody: Dubbing is Magic

    We've just finished uploading The Crystal Empire, Part 1, dub. It's very SFW and it's a comedy. We've received a few hundred views already, and would love if other members of the fandom could see our work. You guys won't be disappointed.

    Find it over here!

    Ilovekimpossiblealot KP Princess Twilight Review

    Find it here!

    Livereading of Sweetie Belle Find a Box of Matches

    Find it here!

     Thrown Abroad Radio Play Casting Call

    Find it over here!

    The MBS Show Episode 91

    A new episode is out and we have an awesome guest. She is a brony musician and artist, best known for her vocal collaborations and her self drawn cover arts. We are proud to bring you Feather Ponyartist, join us as we get to know more about her and her works. Also listen in to the episode for an exclusive announcement by Feather her self.

    Check it out in the link bellow!

    Successful Meetups

    Oulu Finland Meetup

    On November 30 we had a brony meetup in Oulu, Finland. Turnout was good as always. We gathered at Tietomaa science centre, toured around it and then headed for pizza. The afterparty was nice too, we watched the newest episode and later in the evening shot some homemade yaoi.


    Boygle Bronies Banner


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    WoW Guild - Twitchy Tail

    Hi everypony,

    Twitchy Tail (12) is a moderately small guild on Ghostlands-EU, and we are looking for any participants that would be interested to join. We are currently focusing on Guild member progression, and of course, having a great time!

    Contact Kilika, Flitter, Dyarna or any other Guild member for an invite.

    Role Playing website

    Its not like a page on facebook, but a real site for roleplayers to take their OC's and characters seriously, without the worry of mary sues or god moding. Every new character creates either an OC sheet or is assigned a free Faust character of their choice (only if that character isnt already being rped.)

    Find it over here!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Fluttershy Plushie

    Derpy Scarf
    Paper Pinkie Pie
    Big Mac Sculpture
    Custom Twilight Plushie Signed by Tara Strong
    Chibi Pony Earrings