• Funko Mystery Minis Slowly Invading Stores - Loads of Info on Them

    It looks like  the mystery minis are slowly making their way into stores.  These are essentially Funko's answer to blindbag ponies if you don't remember their announcement a while back.  According to the folks over at MLP Arena, a good amount of these have "variants", some with the black color, while others use the traditional design their larger counterparts run with.  Have a list from VioletCLM:

    3 Derpy
    3 Pinkie
    3 Vinyl Scratch
    3 Rainbow Dash
    3 Doctor Whooves
    2 Octavia
    2 Bonbon
    2 Spitfire
    2 Lyra
    1 Fluttershy

    24 Total 

    Now on to the bad news! According to Texasuberallies (who also sent all these pictures over), It looks like, unlike blindbags, these don't have any kind of identification that allows you to pick specific ponies or colors.  You also can't just "buy a box" for every single one.  The boxes themselves are assorted.  I guess It's time to get down to those meetup groups and do some trading if you want a full set.   (Apparently these do all come in a single box). And as always, it looks like Toywiz or Entertainment Earth are probably your best bet for grabbing them online, though their pre-orders are slated to ship in January.