• Ecco the Dolphin Creator ED Annunziata Expresses Interest in Making a Pony Game

    Over in the glorious world of Twitter, the creator of the Sega Genesis classic Ecco The Dolphin dropped the following response off to a question asking if he'd be interested in a developing a pony game:

    @PonyRoy I would LOVE to make a My Little Pony game!

    While we do have the micro-transaction filled Gameloft money sink representing Friendship is Magic in the licensed gaming world, it sure would be awesome to get a full on real one some time in the future.  Even if it's just a high quality official 2d side scroller I'd be happy.  What ever happened to those Trine style pony fan games? At least Colgate seems to be going in that direction now.

    Anyway, you can find his twitter here.  Thanks to Roy. G. Biv for the heads up.