• Celestia Radio Top 50 Songs of 2013 Countdown, and Album Premiere

    Celestia Radio has some extra events to help round out the end of the year.  I know how much you guys love your top lists.  Hopefully this and Ponyville Live help solve the craving!

    Head on down below the break for all the relevant information on it.

    Event #1 "Top 50 Songs of 2013 Countdown

    In keeping with a long standing tradition, Celestia Radio is thrilled to announce our third annual Best Songs of the Year countdown extravaganza. Join the CR staff as we look back to an incredible year of musical production in the brony fandom, and highlight fifty songs in particular, each painstakingly evaluated and compiled by a team of Celestia Radio’s best DJ’s.

    This twenty four hour event kicks off right at midnight on Tuesday, December 31st, (EST) with songs being announced up to the culminating top ten of 2013 which will span the last hour of 2013, all leading to the announcement of the #1 song right as the ball drops in NYC!

    All are invited to join CR once again for this monumental event, so please stay tuned to our website for more information, http://celestiaradio.com/ We look forward to seeing you in the chat on Tuesday!

    Event #2 "Autumn Nights - New Years Album Premiere"

    “The culmination of months of writing and recording, “Autumn Nights” is a concept album by Jeff Burgess & The Bad Mares. It follows the life and career of Vinyl Scratch, and all the challenges of turning her dreams into reality.

    With a range of music from indie rock to folk punk to chiptune to lounge jazz, there’s something for everyone in “Autumn Nights.” The album also features the creative contributions of various artists from the Brony community, including Rina-Chan, Acousticbrony Edd, Feather, Digibrony, BassBeast JD, Steven AD, Mountain Mares, Griffinilla, Memj0123, and Jeff Himself!

    Join us live on New Years Day for this incredible premiere. The party starts at 7:00pm (EST)with a live play through of the album, as well as guest interviews with Jeff, Feather, digibrony, MEMJ and any other available musicians!