• Crystal Fair Announces Anneli Heed

    The ever awesome and apple pie loving voice of Swedish Spitfire has agreed to make an appearance at next year's Crystal Fair! Check out all the details in the presser after the break.

    Crystal Fair is honoured to welcome their second Guest of Honour, the unique Swedish voice actress, Anneli Heed! She is known throughout the brony community as the Swedish voice for Spitfire, especially from her line “Soarins ├Ąpple paj”. Besides My Little Pony, she’s the Swedish voice behind a number of different movie characters, talks on the radio, and she does stand up as well! She has also written a blog update for us, in which she talks about how My Little Pony has affected her life.

    Crystal Fair’s volunteer recruitment is still open as well. Volunteers will get free access to the convention, their own Crystal Fair t-shirt, and a unique experience to add to their CV. It’s also a great chance to make good friends and to see what goes into creating an international convention! There’s a wide variety of positions to be filled, thus there’s a good chance you’ll find a position just right for you! See below for a link to our volunteer page.

    Finally, Crystal Fair’s art competition is still open for submissions on our deviantArt page. The theme of the competition is “Ponify Finland”, with traditional art as the medium. Follow the link below to our deviantArt page for more info.

    Anneli’s Blog update: My Little Me and Ponies
    Guest of Honor: Anneli Heed
    Join our Staff: Volunteer
    Ponify Finland: Competition Rules & Info
    Announced Community Guests: The Chosen Ones

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