• Bronies For Good: Nurse Redheart’s Reboot

    Blood drive time! Hope you got some sugar ready to replenish those vessels, cause we are about to save a few lives here! Get all the information below the break.

    Nurse Redheart’s Reboot

    This September, we held our third Nurse Redheart’s Roundup blood drive, which resulted in the donation of approximately 5.95 liters in lifesaving blood.

    Traditionally, we’ve held Nurse Redheart’s Roundup every September, and it’s always been a success. Even though we’ve had a few incentives to offer, it has always been out of the goodness of their hearts that folks have turned up and given their time and blood for the betterment of others.

    However, we’ve noticed that our current model of focusing on a specific month can be somewhat limiting.  For starters, regular blood donors need approximately six to eight weeks to recuperate after each donation, and many of them are unable to participate in the Roundup due to timing. Also, the needs of local blood donation centers vary, and a September-only blood drive can’t factor in the specific needs and shortages of local communities. Last but not least, meetup groups don't always have time to organize September gatherings that could facilitate collective blood donation efforts.

    In light of these and other considerations, we've decided to make a change. Nurse Redheart’s Roundup is becoming an ongoing effort. To facilitate that, we are putting a dedicated page up on the Bronies for Good website. On it you will find information on donation procedures, and resources to help put you in touch with blood drives and facilities near you.

    What We Need from You

    Nurse Redheart’s Roundup relies on the communication we receive from those of you who are so very generous with your blood. If you donate blood and want it to be counted as part of the Roundup, please start by visiting our Nurse Redheart's Roundup page, and fill out the form there. Please remember to link to a scan or photo of your receipt, which you can upload to Dropbox, Imgur, or any number of similar services.

    The tally will be automatically updated on our webpage every five minutes, so if you don’t see the tally change immediately after you’ve made your submission, please give it a moment.

    Fabulous Prizes

    We will still have a prize giveaway in the month of September, but instead of taking into account only participants from that month, all donors who complete submissions through our website at any point in the year will be eligible for prizes come September.

    We will also be organizing more pledge drives than ever at future conventions. To aid in this particular effort and other Roundup-related projects, we would like to quickly introduce you all to Radtech Redheart, who has been kind enough to climb aboard to devote her time and energy to helping organize the effort, and to help transition Nurse Redheart's Roundup into its new and exciting model:
    Radtech Redheart here, and shall I say thrilled to be invited to join the team behind Redheart’s Roundup. I am looking forward to working to make this the most successful year ever for the Roundup. With international and domestic disasters happening at an alarming rate, giving of ourselves (more specifically of our blood) can make more of a difference now than ever. We must join together to be strong and help those in need. I look forward to updating you as we go through this next year.
    Thank you all for having supported Nurse Redheart’s Roundup so far. We hope we can count on your ongoing support as we move into the future.