• TrotCon 2014 Black Friday Weekend Sale!

    Black Friday happens in ponyland too!  We have another convention running a sales event for the day.  Head on down below the break to check out all the information on it!

    This holiday season, the magic number here at TrotCon is 20.

    The day after Thanksgiving, millions will be braving the crowds to get some of the hottest deals for the Christmas season -- but why not stay in the comfort of your own home this weekend and give that special somepony the greatest gift of all: 20% off all badges for TrotCon 2014!

    That's right -- 20% off the fun of Ohio's first My Little Pony convention. Until March, our normal pre-registration badges run $35, but for one day only, get them for $28. The sale also applies to our sponsor badges, meaning you can become a sponsor of TrotCon for as low as $80. That includes $100 of savings on our alicorn-tier sponsor badge, now priced at $400 instead of $500!

    Get 'em fast, though. While there's no limit on the amount of badges we can sell this weekend, you only have 96 hours to do it before badges return to their normal prices -- and there's no guarantee they'll be this cheap again. The sale starts at midnight tonight and will end Monday evening.

    So far, we've announced quite a few awesome guests, including musicians Cyril the Wolf and Eurobeat Brony, Emily and Tayy from Everfree Network's Pegasisters Live and artist extraordinaire Pixelkitties. You want more? Don't fret; we'll be announcing many more special guests before the convention rolls around this June.

    TrotCon 2014 will be held June 20-22 at the Sheraton at Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio.

    Get your badges here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/trotcon-2014-tickets-7724603497?discount=BlkFri2014

    Our website: http://trotcon.net/

    Book a hotel room: https://www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=1309124076&key=3CFE5