• The Elements of Brony - Episode One: Busy Having Fun

    This is gonna be a big one. The Elements of Brony is a 6-part series of ultra-long analysis videos seeking to explain who, what, and why bronies are in the greatest depth possible. Hosted by Neal X and featuring myself, Tommy Oliver, Antony C, Clover Keen, and other guests across the episodes, this epic series will take you as far down the brony rabbit hole as we can go. Check out the video, as well as a somewhat more in-depth explanation of what it is, below the break!

    Why Bronies happened is a question that many people, including many Bronies, continue to ask; and too often the questions are directed at the wrong people: the show's writers, animators, and voice actors, and even outside commentators and researchers. In the end, only Bronies can explain Bronies. Most Bronies all have their own short version of the answer, but the short answers don't tell the whole story, and in many cases they're such familiar answers that they've become trite - usually something along the lines of, "well it's just a good show with good characters, and a good message!" 

    This project is meant to be an answer both in-depth and comprehensive, to prove once and for all that the Brony phenomenon isn't something that can be conveniently packaged and into a one-sentence statement and then dismissed.

    This will be the first in a series of six discussions where together, we try to finally find the elusive answer to the question about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its fan base that still perplexes so many: why DO people love this show so much? My ultimate goal is that no matter who you are, whether you're a Brony or not, I hope that watching this series will leave you with a new appreciation of just how deep the answer might go.