• Pinkie Pie Hacker Returns, Wins another 50k

    Remember way back a year ago when someone going by the name of Pinkie Pie won a competition to see who could hack Google Chrome? Well, they have returned for round two, and once again hacked both a Galaxy S4 and a Nexus 4 phone via an exploit in Chrome.  Or more specificlly for you tech people out there:

    The researcher’s new Chrome exploit chained together an integer overflow vulnerability and a sandbox escape one, earning him a prize of US$50,000. - PC World

    I have no clue what that means, our tech guy Cereal is working, and this isn't a tech blog, so I'm just going to assume Discord tried trapping Pinkie in a sandbox without realizing she could slip through dimensions at will, and then she got 50,000 dollars for it.  

    A full article can be found over here!