• Cosplay Compilation #6

    Cosplay! We don't get  awhole lot of it, so these posts seem to only come out once a month.

    I actually have a question for you guys before you head on down there to check it all out, specifically on Fursuits.  I've asked loads of people for feedback on these (primarily at Nightmare Nights a few weeks ago), and it seems to be 50/50. Would you consider them to be cosplay? Or should they go elsewhere? Hit the comments up!

    [1] Source
    My Little Pony

    [2] Source
    Can you handle the WUBS!?

    [3] Source
    Princess Luna cosplay - MLP FIM

    [4] Source
    Anime Expo 12' 727

    [5] Source

    [6] Source
    Derpy and The Doctor

    [7] Source
    AV 2013 Applejack

    [8] Source
    Was there ever any doubt?

    [9] Source

    [10] Source
    Princess Celestia - my little pony cosplay

    [11] Source
    R Dash 5000 Balloon Cosplay

    [12] Source
    My Little Pony | Fluttershy

    [13] Source
    Gypsy Bard Cosplay

    [14] Source
    Twilight Princess

    [15] Source
    Princess Luna Burlesque

    [16] Source
    Cadence Cosplay

    [17] Source
    Lolita My Little Pony 02

    [18] Source

    [19] Source
    Been Dreamin', I've Been Waitin'

    [20] Source
    Spike 002

    [21] Source
    Vinyl Scratch pt. 3

    [22] Source

    [23] Source
    Queen Chrysalis

    [24] Source
    Fanime 2011- 080