• Castle Mane-ia - Episode Discussion

    If ever there was a reason to use a Castlevania-themed header image on EQD, this is it.

    Guys, the much-hyped, much-leaked, 22-minute ball of awesome dreamed up by the talented Josh Haber is finally here! For those of us who have been actively dodging spoilers, we can finally relax and re-follow all our friends on Twitter.

    Speaking of Twitter, Mr. Haber is planning a live Tweet-A-Long of the episode! Check out his tweets on his timeline here: @joshhaber

    As per the usual, the episodes will also be available to purchase on iTunes! These usually show up a day or two after the episode airs, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Fair warning: the episode DID leak so brave the comments section at your own risk. But please, be courteous and try to keep spoilers to a minimum!
    Twitter: @xyrotr1