• Merchandise: Bed Stuff, Xbox, Beanie, and More!

    A bunch of new bedding and blankets have been added to Target's website found by BF4pony.   Have some links!

    Comforter Twin
    Sheet Set

    And head on down below the break for more random merch!

    Equestria Girls and Brony Doc on Xbox Live Marketplace 

    Not a usual one for random merch, but I think we've posted these enough outside of compilations.  Both are now available on xbox live marketplace! thanks to Slytherin Naga for the heads up.

    Rainbow Dash Mug

    Coffee Mug! They use that dash face a lot don't they?  Thanks to Pink Pearl for the heads up. Found at Books a Million.

    Alicorn Twilight Beanie Baby On the Way

    Put wings on everything! Thanks to M.B for the heads up.  Found on the TY Website.

    24 Piece puzzles

    24 Pieces? I was doing 2000 at that age! Kids these days are babied!  Thanks to Valeria for the heads up.

    Leggings and Socks

    Socks and Stocking things! Have some links: