• 36/66 Days of Pony - Secret of My Excess

    Just in case you needed a reminder that Twilight does indeed keep a terrifying, dangerous, potentially town-destroying mythical creature as an assistant, along comes this episode with a gift basket full of reminders and old movie homages, with some Rarity on the side.

    Everyone waiting for a Spike episode got their wish this time, thanks to M.A. Larson. We got a lesson on the fallacies of greed, a demonstration that dragons indeed do not care a single bit about how potentially valuable gems are as a form of currency in Equestria (a single bit- see what I did there?), and a fantastic reenactment of old King Kong and Godzilla films featuring Spike, Rarity, and the Wonderbolts. Even the title of the episode is an homage to the 1987 film The Secret Of My Success, though one of the working titles was Giving Dangerously. We also learned that even teenaged Spike cannot make a fedora look good. Take notes.

    Be sure to catch The Consequences of Larson Not Giving a Pony Wings after the break.

    "Yes, and a microchip too."