• 38/66 Days of Pony - Hearth's Warming Eve

    Yes, we technically highlighted the wrong episode yesterday- the list on Wikipedia listed them in production order, not air date. We're on the correct chronological order now.

    But now for a bit of history. Official canon lore in this show is few and far between mostly because the writers, not to mention Lauren, have expressed a desire to keep things as loose as possible in order to facilitate later storytelling. When did Luna and Celestia come into power? When did Discord enter the picture? Eh, hand wave. This episode is one of the rare exceptions where we are given a concrete story to play with- in this case, the founding of Equestria, acted out by the mane six.

    The story presented is nearly the same one that appeared in the iOS storybook app Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day, which we reviewed when it came out. Many memorable scenes and characters came out of the play, we got a dose of Derpy behind the stage for a brief moment, and if you remember way back when this is about when we started to produce our Episode Followups. Here's the one for this episode. They certainly evolved into much longer pieces over time!

    Be sure to catch Rarity Looks Good in Anything after the break.