• Comic Followup - The Big Mac Arc - Issue #10

    It's Saturday! Time for another one of these!

    As many of you that pay attention to the blog regularly have probably already noticed, I've started doing comic followups similar to our episode followups that we run when pony is in season.  If you haven't read the Big Mac arc yet, go do that first, as this entire post is spoilers.  Our followups are not reviews, they simply point out the things you may have missed.    

    Onward below the break to ridiculously slice of life Big Macyness.  And if you want to check out the followup for the first one, hit that up here!  

    Comic #2 wasn't as overflowing with geek culture references as the first one, but we did start right off with some My Neighbor Totoro dolls in the background.  I think I rented that movie at least 10 times as a kid. There was something magical about making my parents pay more than the cost of just buying it.

    I have a feeling the games host is a reference to something too, but I haven't a clue what. 

    It's always the quiet ones...

    A bunch of you pointed out this Wonderbolt's name to me last week.  "Fleetfoot" makes no sense though.  From now on, I will headcanon her as Fleethoof.    

    Further cementing my hatred of these two.   Precious minutes in Trixie's episodes stolen away.  Not to mention the whole ruining Trixie's life thing.   Debate it as much as you want, but Snips and Snails destroyed Ponyville in Boast Busters, not Trixie!

    You guys are going to have to help me out on this one.  What are these ponies a reference to?

    I remember back when people thought this guy was going to be in season three.  A blindbag version of him was leaked on Taobao months beforehand.  

    This scene part right here is why these slice of life style comics rock.  I also really like Andy Price's way of drawing of Sapphire Shores.  

    Photo Finish makes a quick cameo. 

    Flim and Flam would be proud.

    I'm starting to think scams are just an every day part of life in Ponyville.   If it isn't Fluttershy getting ripped off by vegetable merchants, it's Flim Flam selling fake tonics.  Remember when we used to think Equestria was a utopia?  I laugh heartily at those days.  It's like the 1800's wild west of earth or something. 

    500 bucks for a poster? That makes Brony convention prices seem almost reasonable.  

    I'm starting to think Big Mac just isn't into mares. It seems like he could literally get anyone if he wanted. 

    Though, Cheerimac=OTP. And catponies.


    Ponyville confirmed for erupting into variances of Winter Wrap up for everything.  

    And that about covers it for Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair!  It's kind of sad to see it losing over there on the side bar. I blame Luna. This was by far my favorite of the arcs. The slice of life style just works so well for this comic team.  I have a feeling the next set with Shining Armor and Cadance in the next set will surprise me.  Three days can't come any sooner!