• Chili's Charity, Meetup Groups, and You

    For those of you following the news these last few days, you probably already know about Chilis attempt at posting ponies on Twitter. It didn't turn out too well for them! Luckily we have an event coming up that will give us a chance to really ponify the food chain.   Chilis is donating 100% of their profits from the 23rd of September directly to St. Jude, the children's research hospital.  A few meetup organizers/members have requested that we throw up a call to arms and get them as big an audience for the event as possible. 

    So what can you do to help out? Easy! Get some friends, or gather your area meetup group, and hit up a nearby Chilis on the 23rd!  If you need help finding your nearby group, we still have a massive meetup map with just about all of them.

    • Wear a pony shirt
    • Don't be obnoxious 
    • Don't go during lunch/dinner, try to find an off time or expect a huge wait 

    Good luck!