• 10/66 Days of Pony - Swarm of the Century

    We were halfway through December at this point, and still growing like mad.  Threads on the old comics and cartoons board were never-ending.  We had a separate archive site just so people could keep up!

    Swarm of the Century brought on a brand new mythical beastie for the world of pony.  While the Ursa Minor did a bit of damage to a couple of buildings, Parasprites destroyed absolutely everything. The era of "Twilight screws up a spell and x happens" begins here, with an armada of fanfics following this trope.  We also got a glimpse at her mental state cracking in the presence of trying to impress Celestia, a situation that happened in several future episodes to come.

    In the end though, Pinkie Pie gained the cool points from this one, proving for the first time that there is an intelligent pony behind the madness that is her every day life.  You just need to do it her way.  

    Get some Swarm of the Century below the break!