• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 10

    Well, I dunno Luna. But it seemed like fun at the time! We asked a little more of you today, what with the extra pony workload and the reduced wiggle room on the creative end, but I think that you all came through admirably, posting another 335 permed, pressed, and primped ponies for our perusal and pleasure. Please, partake of these platitudes!With a grand event total of 4397 images, you certainly deserve them.

    We're officially to the one third complete mark of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds, which means among other things that it's time to open our first Makeup Gallery! If you missed a day, or had an extra idea for any of our closed themes, this is your chance to send them in and let yourselves be counted! If you're a latecomer to the event this is also a great opportunity to get your kicks in on the early stuff, but please don't burn yourself out playing catch up. This gallery will stay open until 11:59 PM on Tuesday, August 27, so get those in while you can!

    So, I realize that the numbers look like they're shrinking as we've gone on, and they are, but I don't want anybody getting discouraged about that. Participation in every day is voluntary, and if there's too much going on one day or if you're tired, sometimes it's best if you take a break. But what I do ask is that you please don't give up, because a great many of you are already showing signs of improvement. It's a long road to walk, but the further down it you travel the greater the rewards! So take a look at tonight's gallery, take a deep breath, and make me proud tomorrow. Not just me. Hold your heads up high!

    For tonight's theme, I really want you to dig in and be creative. The vast tapestry of history and your imagination stands in front of you: what will you pull from it? Tonight is about telling stories. So tonight, Draw a pony from a legend/Draw a pony with a story. I know this is going to provoke questions, and yes, "legend" does not just mean something very old. Take your inspiration from any source that resonates with you, and bring your ponies up to meet it. Tell a story, show us your favorite things. Submit all entries here. You have until 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Sunday, August 25. I'll be waiting...