• Convention Compilation - August 28th

    Conventions! Or giant planned meetups at conventions in one of these cases.  Have some headlines:

    Crystal Fair Announces Comic Artist Jenn Blake
    Derpycon - Bronystudy Followup
    Spaniard-Hooves Stand-In Spanish Convention

    And below the break, find the full press releases!

    Derpycon - Bronystudy Followup

    The researchers at the Bronystudy are excited to announce that we will be presenting a panel at the upcoming DerpyCon in New Orleans. We will have some new results to present and will of course answer your questions. Just a reminder: We have started collecting data on our long awaited Longitudinal study, which will follow Brony fans for several years to better understand changes in the herd's membership. Help out our effort at www.Bronystudy.com. Thanks Dr Psych Ology

    Crystal Fair Announces Comic Artist Jenn Blake

    This is Kitenshi, Co-Chair for the Crystal Fair in St. Louis, Missouri! We are proud to announce a new guest to join us, The My Little Pony comic artist Jenn Blake! Jenn Blake was in charge of doing the art for the project "The Return of Queen Chrysalis" in which she had drawn original hand drawn sketch cards. Every Red Label Hardcover comes with one of these hand drawn cards. She will be joining us to discuss her experience with IDW Limited, as well as selling some of her own art! We still have our pre-registration open, so make sure to get your badge while the price is still low! We will be opening the convention Friday, September 27th, at 9:00 am, so make sure to set your calendars! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at either our email [email protected]gmail.com, our website http://crystalfairstl.com/, or our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CrsystalFairStl?ref=hl We hope you will all join us at the Fair!

    Spaniard-Hooves Stand-In Spanish Convention

    Hello! We are the organisers of the first Brony stand in a Spanish Con. We’ve prepared tons of activities, a merchandising exhibition, and a panel explaining the My Little Pony fandom. Those are all things that are quite common in Conventions in the USA, but here, unfortunately, they aren’t. The event will take place the 21st and 22nd of September during the VII Japan Weekend in Madrid, a Con mainly dedicated to manga and anime, but that also includes several fandoms.
    Here is a small section explaining what we're going to do, first in English and then in Spanish.

    Too Many Bronies

    “Too Many Bronies” is the first brony event organised inside a convention in Spain, with the intention of rising as a meeting point for all the fans of the series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. A place where you can find other fans and share their enthusiasm. We’ve prepared an endless list of activities: matches of the card game “Changelings”, role playing games, cosplay and fanfiction workshops, a panel about the fandom… and much more.

    The event will take place on the 21st and 22nd of September during the VII Japan Weekend in Madrid, an annual convention dedicated to manga, anime, videogames and the geek world in general, with a special emphasis on Japan.

    We will have two stands: the main stand, epicenter of our event, where you will find the shop, the information booth, and a screen where we will show videos, animations and video clips created by fans. We’ll also have an artists’ table, where our professional illustrators will be open to commissions, like the creation of original characters, and “ponyfying” you, that is to say, drawing how you would look like if you were a pony.

    On Saturday 21st at 18:00 we want to gather the highest number of bronies possible during our Meetup outside the pavilion. How many bronies will we manage to be?

    If you want to be up to date on news or to contact us, follow our mascot Maredrid on twitter (@maredrid) or email us at [email protected]

    Information here.

    (Spanish Version)

    “Too Many Bronies” es el primer evento brony organizado dentro de una convención friki en España, que pretende erigirse como un punto de encuentro para los fans de la serie “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic”. Un lugar donde poder conocer a otros fans y compartir tu afición. Tenemos preparadas un sinfín de actividades: partidas del juego de cartas “Changelings”, juegos de rol, taller de cosplay, taller de fanfics, una ponencia sobre el fandom,... Y mucho más.

    Todo el evento se realizará los días 21 y 22 de septiembre, en la VII Japan Weekend de Madrid, la convención anual dedicada al manga, el anime, los videojuegos y el mundo friki en general, con especial dedicación a Japón.

    Contaremos con dos stands: el stand central, epicentro del evento, donde encontrarás la tienda, el puesto de información y una pantalla donde mostraremos vídeos, animaciones y videoclips realizados por los fans; también tenemos una mesa de artistas, donde nuestros dibujantes profesionales estarán abiertos a encargos, como la creación de personajes originales, y a hacer tu propia “ponificación”, esto es, cómo serías si fueras un pony de Equestria.

    El día 21, sábado a las 18:00 tenemos pensado juntar al mayor número de bronies posibles en el exterior del recinto ¿Cuántos lograremos ser?

    Si quieres estar al día de las novedades o contactar con nosotros, sigue a nuestra mascota Maredrid en Twitter (@maredrid) o envíanos un correo a la dirección [email protected] O también a través del foro Spaniard Hooves: