• Story: When The Field Becomes Fallow

    [Sad] "Never before now have I really appreciated how close the Apple family really is. This author does a great job conveying how important family is to Applejack, and the story does more in just under three thousand words than most do with four times as many." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bronius Maximus
    Description: The name's Applejack. Canterlot, the capital of our kingdom was beset by a plague of changelings durin' a weddin'. Had it not been for Cadence and Shining sendin' them packin', we might all be changelings by now. Not long after, Princess Celestia ordered a stallion from every house to enlist for the counterattack against them. He served his kingdom, as did countless other colts, and he came back without a scratch on him. Or, so I thought...
    When The Field Becomes Fallow

    Additional Tags: Mac has trouble coming home