• Custom Compilation #102

    Simply amazing what can be done with bits and pieces of official merch and some good old fashioned elbow grease! Keep up the amazing job customs makers!

    Check after the break for some more amazing customizations.

    [1] Source
    MLP custom diorama: Daring + Derpy, archeologists!

    [2] Source
    MLP FiM: Flutterdash blindbag shipping diorama!

    [3] Source
    MLP custom blindbag: Sweetie Belle with milkshake!

    [4] Source
    MLP FiM custom blindbag: Steampunk Trixie!

    [5] Source
    MLP FiM custom blindbag: Trixie with wet mane!

    [6] Source
    MLP FiM custom pony: Off-duty Lunar Guard mare!

    [7] Source
    MLP FiM custom blindbag: Fluttershy with wet mane!

    [8] Source
    MLP FiM custom blindbag filly: Dinky!

    [9] Source
    MLP FiM blindbag diorama - AppleDash sleeping!

    [10] Source
    Snowdrop Custom

    [11] Source
    Zecora Reroot

    [12] Source
    Apple Fritter Custom

    [13] Source
    Babs Seed Custom

    [14] Source
    Aperture Science Princess Luna G4 custom Pony

    [15] Source
    360 Degrees of Steampunk Derpy Hooves

    [16] Source
    Octavia Custom Blind Bag

    [17] Source
    MLP FIM-Fluttershy Nightmare Moon Custom

    [18] Source
    MLP FIM-Pinkie Pie Nightmare Moon Custom

    [19] Source
    Glitter and Resin Rarity

    [20] Source
    Rainbow Dash

    [21] Source

    [22] Source
    Princess Celestia

    [23] Source

    [24] Source
    MLP FiM custom blindbag clock: Watchmares!

    [25] Source
    Ponytail Derpy

    [26] Source
    A lil Roseluck never hurt

    [27] Source
    The ORIGINAL CutieMarkCrusaders

    [28] Source
    Equestrian Roalty

    [29] Source
    Iron Man Custom My little Pony

    [30] Source
    Show-Accurate Blindbag Elements of Harmony Mane 6

    [31] Source
    Derpy 2