• New Feature: Meetup Group Listings

    Meetups have been one of the key features of the fandom that has not only let pony fans get together, but make friends, inspire community spirit, and even spawn collaborations that the whole fandom can enjoy. In fact, many fandom conventions have spawned from local meetup groups that have greatly expanded from their original inception!

    Considering the importance of meetups to the community and after seeing so many comments in the Roundups about people wishing for meetups or groups in their area, Seth and I are going to be working on creating a Meetup Group page similar to our Conventions page. The new page will be sorted alphabetically, including countries around the world and split up by State in the case of the USA.

    This is where you guys come in! We need you all to start sending us Meetup Group pages (Facebook pages, forums, ect) so we can start filling out the new page. Please don't send us info on individual meetups for this feature, those will still go into the Roundups! Also, new Meetup Groups are still encouraged to send in their info for the Roundups in order to give them exposure. If you know of a meetup group to add to the list please send it into submit@equestriadaily.com with Meetup Group in the subject line with a link to the group, the name of the group, and what region the group is located in (country and possible State is preferred).

    We're hoping this will make finding pony fans near you an easier experience so you all can have a bunch of fun over the pony drought and beyond! It'll be a little while till this is officially launched, so leave your feedback in the comments so we can consider your ideas! Rock on guys!