• Everfree Northwest - Intro Video and Loads of Stuff

    Everfree Northwest has released both an intro video, as well as a press release covering everything from their conventions space, to the music events that will be hosted there.   If you were thinking about hitting this one up, head on down below the break for everything!

    Welcome Everypony to Everfree Northwest 2013!

    Join is on this special look inside the beautiful Seattle Airport Hilton Hotel & Conference Center, our impressive new venue for this year's convention. With nearly 40,000 square feet of function space, the Hilton has it all! Meet Royal Coat, this year's Convention Chair, and Markarian, our Board President and Director of Media, just two of the scores of passionate people behind Everfree Northwest.

    Secure your badge and book your room now through http://www.everfreenw.com/hotel.php

    Follow us on Twitter @everfreenw!

    Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/everfreenw

    If you call the Hilton directly, be sure to mention our special rate promo code of "PONY." Making a reservation is easy and does not require a charge until you check in. Thank you all who came to our convention last year, and we hope to see you this July!

    "PLEASE NOTE: Elements of Melody is the broad name for all our musical events, both inside and outside of the convention. "Elements of Melody: The Music of Everfree" will be a separate event we are showcasing in April, while Elements of Melody is the name of our big concert series at the con. Join us at next month's concert:

    Elements of Melody: Music of Everfree, coming to the Vera Project at Seattle Center on Friday, April 5th. All proceeds to benefit Everfree Northwest, who will have Everfree merch and convention registration on site! #EoM is dedicated to showing off the amazing musical talent of brony musicians and the fantastic songs the create, from EDM to melodic acoustic sets, we have it all. Lineup includes Donn DeVore, Tarby, Maestro Scherzo and his sax set and DJ Everfree. Stay tuned here for more updates, also check outhttp://www.theveraproject.org/

    $8 advance, $10 at door. Doors at 7:30, show at starts at 8:00PM. Question or Concerns? Ask them here or Email the producer,[email protected]com"