• Equestria Daily - Now in App Form!

    [EDIT] The developer of the app has answered a few questions about bugs and possible updates in the comments. If you have any questions for him specifically (his name is Gameleon), seek him out below! We will, of course, upload any improvements he makes.

    Every cool website has an app! They do, right? That's still cool?

    Equestria Daily is proud to present our first mobile application for iOS and Android! It is optimized to be faster than the mobile Blogger website, just in case you happen to be somewhere without a reliable data connection. You can do anything you can on the Blogger version- view posts, comments, sort by categories, and more! It even has our patented no-fanfiction mode, for all you people who hate words.

    This application was developed by an independent developer named Gameleon (with some art assets assistance from yours truly), and we'd like to take this space to thank him, and post a message from him to everyone:

    “Hi there, Equestria Daily readers,

    After a lot of work it is finally finished. I hope you all enjoy the Equestria Daily app.
    You can consider this as some sort of "thank you" from me to the brony community for all the things the community has done, from artwork, animation and music to things like charity.”

    Seriously, he's super cool.

    If you guys find any issues with these apps, feel free to email us with the header MOBILE APP. We do care about your concerns, and we will try to fix any problems you may encounter!

    (Update: Looks like we hit our daily limit, working on that!)