• Discussion: Would You Use an EQD Forum?

    We have been talking about a forum for quite a while here on EQD, though 70% of the staff attending final semesters of college has put a bit of a wait on it.   If we do launch a forum, we want to make sure it is actually useful in a fandom filled with Facebook and a million other places to discuss pony.  There are the comments below, but they are of course, those are a bit limited.

    Our question is, would you actually use a forum if we added on to the site?

    And a sub question to that: What sections would you want to see included?  After the break I'll toss some ideas out for ones we were considering adding.

    Invade the comments with ideas! 

    A general skeleton idea (titles subject to change of course):


    Plushies, Customs, and Craft
    Artist Trianing Grounds / Critique

    Music Training Grounds / Critique

    Video and PMV
    Video Training grounds / Critique

    Fanfiction Training Grounds / Critique

    Meetups and Conventions

    Projects (Games looking for helpers, Animations looking for VA's, ect)

    Off Topic

    Feel free to recommend more!