• Nightly Roundup #562

    Since cake clearly won last night in polls it wouldn't seem right not to have the header include Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake in some way (with a bit of Pie as well to round it all out). Gotta admit, they sure are adorable together!

    News time you guys, check it out after the break and vote for a new header for tomorrow's post.

    Since Cake is the Theme Tonight...

    Italian Report on Pony Phenomenon

    Even more news on ponies, this time from Italy! We've got the original article plus a fan translation for you guys to chew over tonight, so check them out below.

    Original Article

    Pony Designs For Russian Aeroflot Company

    According to some Russian fans, the Russian air transportation company Aeroflot is holding a competition on what design to pick for the paint job on their new Sukhoy Superjet 100. Of course ponies are in the running with a Rainbow Dash and Derpy design already submitted. If you want to participate in the contest you need to first register on the site and cast a vote between March 1st and March 11th (Though considering Rainbow Dash and Derpy belong to Hasbro, them actually using the designs if they win will probably still be unlikely unfortunately). Check out the designs and the link below!

    Rainbow Dash

    Ponies Make it to Ukraine

    Along with the news of Japan finally getting ponies we have news tonight that Ukraine as well will be getting the show! Starting on January 28th, the show will air on the PlusPlus channel at 8am and 10:30am in the morning under the title "Friendship is a Miracle". Take a gander at the official commercial below.

    Not Exactly MLP Related...

    But if you're tired of sending flowers to the people you care for why not send them a bouquet of unicorns instead? This silly little item comes from Thinkgeek and can be viewed in full here.

    Fanfic Reading of "Seeing the Pattern"

    Another awesome fan has gone out of their way to record an audio reading of the fanfic "Seeing the Pattern" for all you fanfic fans out there. Check out chapter one below as well as the playlist if your interest is piqued.

    Coins of Harmony Kickstarter Ending Soon

    The Coins of Harmony project is currently wrapping up and is looking for backers that might be interested in their own pony coins to add to their collection. Got your interest? Well, take a look at the link to the Kickstarter here.

    Chalk Ponies - Update

    Last night we had some chalk ponies created by the very talented Carnegie Mellon bronies displayed in the Roundup. Since then they have dug up some better pictures and have created a summary of the event, all of which can be found below.

    Copy Paste:

    On Saturday, about a dozen of us got together and drew this giant picture of 14 fillies and a logo. We drew the mane 6, Derpy, Bon Bon, Lyra, Trixie, Zecora, Big Mac, Luna, and Celestia. The drawing took us over four hours and ended up being a couple thousand square feet. The original source image can be found at http://mlp-vectorclub.deviantart.com/gallery/?set=29968910&offset=432#/d3e1o8v. Please contact us at CMUBronies@gmail.com

    Photo Gallery

    Sophiecabra Offering Limited Time Prints

    The incredibly talented Sophiecabra is have a print sale for a limited time at her online store. Quantities are limited and the sale won't last forever so take a look at the prints while you have a chance!

    Sophie's Store


    New Morning Programming on Celestia Radio

    Copy Paste:

    I'm pleased to announce new programming on Fillydelphia Radio. Morning music show Eggs, Coffee and Toast returns to the airwaves starting tomorrow at 9:15 am EST, running until 10:45 EST. It's an hour and a half of pony music and pony news to start your day off right. It's like oatmeal for your pony senses.

    Tune in Mondays and Thursdays, from 9:15 to 10:45 EST! Don't miss it!


    Host, Fillydelphia Radio


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Annapolis, MD Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Hello, my name is George and I would love to meet new people anywhere near the Annapolis area where we will have fun and meet new people.
    If anyone is interested, please email me @ dashie20@hotmail.com or message on Youtube @TheLatinzero thank you very much! Hope to hear from ya'll.

    Ohio Bronies - Mocha Meet

    Copy Paste:

    Hay you people from the northeast! Tired of driving south all the time because everything is always all the way down in Columbus? Well, I've got great news for you! You get to drive in a totally different direction for a meetup now, because we're going to have a meetup that's far away from everyone! Or so we think... let's find out.

    On Saturday, January 26, at 1pm, let's meet at the Mocha House in Warren. This is a neat coffee house – one of my favorite coffee places, actually. They have a full menu, and also a huge selection of cakes and giant cookies and many delicious pastries. They also have a lot of space, which means we can move a few tables around, take over the place, and then buy all their art.

    After that, we can venture over to the Eastwood Mall, about a ten-minute drive from the Mocha House. This is a fairly massive complex featuring an aquarium, a minor-league baseball stadium and at least two movie theaters. Most importantly, yes, there is a Toys'R'Us. We can wander the mall, go see a movie, whatever. There are also a ton of good restaurants where we can go for dinner, and a few more places we can just hang out. Once everyone's together, we can figure out what we're doing.

    Sunday: I dunno lol. We can come up with something depending on turnout.

    So if you're any of the bajillion places that are within an hour of here (Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Ashtabula, and even Pittsburgh are all about the same distance away), come hang out! It'll be fun.


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