• Music of the Day #54

    I was going to make filly Chrysalis the official Music of the Day post pony, but then i realized I've already used all the filly Chrysalis as post headers.

    I guess we will have to default back to Luna for the next one!

    Have some music.  This one is pretty instrumental dominated, though we have a few vocals and remixes mixed in.   

    [1] Source
    Majesty Within - CommandSpry
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [2] Source
    AwkwardMarina - Anthropology (LeX Flavored)
    Genre:  Remix - Electronic

    [3] Source
    Flight (Dream Weaver vocal mix)
    Genre:  Vocal - Progressive House

    [4] Source
    Jastrian - Heavy Heart
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [5] Source
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [6] Source
    Fluttershy's Wonders [Klawz DnB Remix](NEW!)
    Genre:  Remix

    [7] Source
    Joaftheloaf - Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)
    Genre:  Instrumental - Progressive House

    [8] Source
    Genre:  Progressive House

    [9] Source
    Nicolas Dominique - Whiskey Party at Blackjack's
    Genre:  Instrumental - Progressive House

    [10] Source
    Filthy Rich - [The Background Pony Challenge]
    Genre:  Vocal - Rap

    [11] Source
    Twilight - Be My Pony
    Genre:  Instrumental - Club

    [12] Source
    PonyFireStone - The Amulet (UnderKeel Remix)
    Genre:  Instrumental - Trance

    [13] Source
    Winter Overture (Orchestral Music)
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [14] Source
    [Chi-chi] Dashie mine (cover)
    Genre:  Vocal

    [15] Source
    You Gotta Share Rock!
    Genre:  Remix - Rock

    [16] Source
    Radiarc - Solar Reign
    Genre:  Instrumental - Orchestral

    [17] Source
    The L-Train - A Magic Duel
    Genre:  Instrumental - Metal

    [18] Source
    Ptepix - PONI (Pumping Out Noise Initiative)
    Genre:  Instrumental - Electro House

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