• Nightly Roundup #516

    How about some Applejack this time around you guys? Poor girl doesn't get enough time in the spotlight it seems.

    Time for the news folks! Check it after the break.

    TV.com Review of Magic Duel

    While last week's episode didn't seem to impress the author last week, Magic Duel seems to done well in turning that around! You can check out the review in their animation roundup section at the link below.

    Animation Round-up Link

    UC-Irving Publishes Positive Pony Article

    Another day, another newspaper on poines. This one is actually pretty positive so be sure to check it out!

    Article Link

    More Floppy Drive Madness

    A Bunch of Pony Based Reviews and Related Articles

    A bunch of little tidbits for you guys to read up on, everything from a review on the 1st MLP comic, to a blurb in the New York Times about the pony app. Check out the copy paste below:

    Toonzone.net reviews the MLP #1 Comic and the review is glowing:


    The New York Times has a tiny blurb on the app with an advisory for parents regarding the in-game currency to buy ponies.




    Ponyville Fandom Crusaders

    Copy Paste:

    Did you happen to catch the Ponville Fandom Crusaders on their Premiere night? No....

       Well don't worry, even if you missed that night of events it's all been recorded and is on youtube now! That's right the Ponyville Fandom Crusaders started out the night with this following statement by one of the hosts, That Canadian Dude. "There are a lot of podcast's out there ran by people who know what their doing, and we thought 'Hey what if we took that away?' Because apparently we thought it was a good idea to try to run a podcast with three voice actors, with no broadcasting experience". 

    Was it professional? No not really, but a whole lot happened in those three hours! What exactly? Well let me tell you it's a doozy. For only in the Ponyville Fandom Crusaders will you find; Applebloom getting a pear cutie mark, two Big Mac's, Bill Cosby and Professor Layton, The Great and Powerful Trixie, Derpy Hooves, Power Tools, Cake, Drunk Vinyl Scratch, something about boring questions, Christopher Walken, Plankton, the barn, Salt Lick City, Satan, and Luna celebrating the holidays! 

    Do I have your full attention? Maybe? Well...it's a start. 

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Band of Bronies - Episode 6

    Copy Paste:

    With the new episode, and a new contest up, we decided to bring up a new episode!
    Also, here is the competition we talked about in the podcast.
    The proceeds of the competition will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy survivors.
    Escape to the Moon - Episode 26

    It's Episode 21 of the Escape to the Moon Podcast. Come and listen to the ponies of the NLR Escapist Magazine talk about the long awaited Trixie episode, some personal stories from there real lives, the brony haters out there on the web and what it takes to really be happy and nice out there.

    UKofE Podcast - Episode 24

    Copy Paste:

    We talk about the last three Episodes (sorry for the delay), talk comics, hotlines in Miami, and see what someone whos never watched a MLP episode thinks of One Bad Seed

    Celestia Radio Interview

    Copy Paste:

    Howdy guys! Just givin ya a heads up that this Thursday the 6th at 10Pm EST we'll be interviewing Sketchywolf-13 (aka Pony Fink) live. Here is our post on our site, http://ponify.me/djkbrony-interviews-sketchy-wolf/


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Santa Clarita Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings again, everypony! It's the time of the month again where the Bronies of Santa Clarita congregate together at the local mall. It will be held on December 15, 2012 at the Westfield Valencia Town Center at 3:30 P.M. We've had three past ones thus far, each being a great success. There's lots to do, including many shops to browse and restaurants to dine at both on and near mall premises  so this would serve as a great opportunity to meet and/or spend time with fellow bronies.

    You can find the Facebook event page here:


    And you can find the SoCal Bronies event page here:


    Zagreb Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Everybrony, it`s time for a new meetup, only this time, it will be a bit different than usual.

    We will meet at noon sharp in front of st. Peters Church and after that, proceed to the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine located on Petrova ulica 3, Zagreb.

    The purpose will be donating blood. That`s right, giving our brony kindness and friendship in liquid form in order to save someones life and maybe, even turn them into a brony :D.
    Those who cannot donate for any reason are still welcome to join us and cheer on our brave vict... i mean, voluntary donors :)

    After the extraction of "kindness and friendship", we`ll proceed by getting some food and drinks and head to the snowboarding club "Bzona" located at Nova cesta 150, TreĆĄnjevka where we will feast and watch new+old episodes of MLP.

    P.S. bring your health insurance cards with you, just in case



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