• Big Apple Ponycon Announces Tara Strong

    It looks like another New York convention has popped up, and this one is coming out the gate with a bit of Tara Strong and Rina-Chan action! Head on down past the break for all the information on it! 

    We're pleased to announce that NYC's hometown MLP convention, BIG APPLE PONYCON, will be held on March 23rd & 24th in Brooklyn, NY at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Furthermore, joining us as our first announced VIP guest is none other than "Brony Queen" TARA STRONG! Joining us as Master of Ceremonies is video game, anime, and fan voice acting celebrity RINA-CHAN. Rounding out our starting roster are a variety of beloved community institutions, including THE TRAVELING PONY MUSEUM, BRONIES FOR GOOD and well known Pin-Maker and Customizer (plus TrotCon co-founder) PINFILLY/DARKLY CUTE.

    But there's so, so much more to come! Please stay tuned to our website, twitter and forum, as we expect to announce more and more fantastic guests for our event in the weeks and months to come!

    A couple of small announcements:

    1) Bronies For Good and the Traveling Pony Museum are both currently seeking volunteers for the event. To lend a helping hoof, just contact them through their respective websites.

    2) We have a VERY LIMITED QUANTITY of rare and sought-after Front Row, Second Row and Third Row seats for sale! Grab them now before it's too late!

    3) We're seeking volunteers! If you think you have the right stuff to join our herd, check out the list of available positions here!

    4) Standard tickets WILL be $60... but for now, they're just $50! After the first few hundred tickets are sold, the price will be increasing, so go get your ticket today!

    We look forward to bringing you many more amazing announcements, and hope to see you at the event!

    (\ EXCELSIOR! /)

    Kar Red Roses
    Founder & Chair
    Big Apple Ponycon