• 20 Inch Pinkie Pie listed, Princess Skyla Invades K-Mart Website

    This is the pinkest post we have had in a while!

    Many of you picked up the five inch pony plushies from Target, and a bunch of you grabbed the upgraded 10 incher from Walmart.  According to Argos, a 20 inch version is soon to be available, along with a five inch Fluttershy. (Update - Fluttershy 10 inch also announced)
    "We will be adding Fluttershy to the 5" plush collection in Spring of 2013. Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are also available in a 10" plush size at Walmart this Fall."
    "We are still finalizing our Spring 2013 sales and should know which retailers will be carrying the 20” My Little Pony assortment by the end of October beginning of November. Please note, we will announce the release of the 20” plush on our Facebook page and will indicate which retailers will be carrying the item as we get closer to their availability in stores." - Via Funrise Facebook Page
    And for those that just have to catch em all, the mysterious Princess Skyla So-Soft plushie is now listed at K-Mart.  It's definitely not one of those targeted at us, but maybe some of you collectors will want to grab one. 

    Head on down the break for a whole gallery of Pinkie Pie from pretty much any angle you could want.

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up!  

    Also EQD is apparently time traveling today.