• Nightly Roundup #416

    It's Jet Blue pony night because you guys are crazy fast! Never expected to see fanart generated so quickly for a post that is less than eight hours old. That's why I simply love you guys!

    Short edition for you all tonight, but that just means you can run off and do other things that much quicker. Check out what we have after the break!

    TrotUpon, A New Website Looking for Help!

    TrotUpon is exactly what it sounds like; a pony version of StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a site you visit when you need to find more sites to visit, so, TrotUpon is a pony site to visit when you’ve run out of pony sites to visit and want to see more pony sites. Right now, TrotUpon is in its pre-launch phase, and we need help from the community. Visit trotupon.net if you want to help. All we need are ponies to help build up our database of links.

    Thank you, from Aaron524 and Hypermark

    Website Link


    The Lightning Round - Episode 13

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 13th episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have an interview with Twilightclopple, clopfic writer on FimFiction.  We also go over everything that went on at Everfree Northwest.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.  For all the links on this weeks show check out the show notes here: 

    Everything Brony - Episode 11

    Episode Link

    Successful Meetups

    GA Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    We are Canterlanta (GA Bronies)  We had a good meet up at oasis bowling (Which was held in Buford) . It was small event with 6 members.
    Also check out one of are members dancing on the bowling ally.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Savannah, Georgia Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    I've recently taken up the liberty to create a new Facebook group dedicated to bronies in Savannah, Georgia. It includes a Twitter for quick updates along with news about local stores getting merchandise in. Meet ups are already a possibility.
    The group also caters to bronies who live in/around Georgia and want meet ups closer to them or even news! Since I am an active pony-hunter I check stores weekly and have quick updates. 
    So if anyone wants to join for a potential gaming meet up or even a pony toy fair I would love to spread this around!

    AbqBrony Board Game Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Abqbronies (http://www.rainbowdash.net/group/abqbronies) is gathering at Kaboom Testing Labs (http://goo.gl/maps/Njjbq) for a casual evening of board games on Thursday, August 23rd at 4:30.  Any brony is welcome to show up, but a particular invitation is extended to any bronies lurking in Albuquerque's west side and Rio Rancho.  Bring your favorite board game or partake in one of ours!  For the convenience of east side Albuquerque bronies, a carpool will be forming at 4:00 in the Eldorado Square parking lot.  Festivities are expected to continue until 7:00, bring some money for snacks if you like!
    Bronies of El Paso

    Copy Paste:

    Okay Bronies of El Paso is having a meetup this weekend at the Cinemark Theater near Cielo Vista Mall! This Saturday at 3pm. We are going to see Expendables 2! After the movie we will most likely head out to our local Walmarts and Toys R Us to raid the stores for ponies. I'm looking for any bronies in El Paso that aren't already part of the Bronies of El Paso Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/229131763838139/) to join us!
    Croatia Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    From the Creator of CronyFest, Galactic Ponies Melbourne Edition, Galacon pre meetup and Galacon aftermeetup, Cronies/Zagreb Bronies bring you Galactic Ponies: Croatia Edition.

    Zagreb City, Meetup on Ban Jelalčić Square in noon on 1st of September.
    group photo around 12.45pm
    in 13.00h, we'll be heading towards Tomislav Square (in case of rain, Zinjevac)
    there we'll have meeting each other (for ones that are new, or don't know each other) and hanging out
    around 15.00h, group lunch (planned on sight, depends where people will want to go)
    after lunch, around 16.30h, trivia contest for prizes (3 blindbags, team can have up to 3 members)
    around 18.00h, going to Yeti's house (my house) for after-meetup/birthday party.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Plush
    Golf Balls