• Drawfriend Stuff #542

    Mesmer Twilight Sparkle edition!

    I've been thinking of starting up an EQD guild on this one, though I doubt I'd have time to run it anywhere serious.  Who would be up for a massive pug guild filled with FRIENDSHIP?!

    Source 1
    Twilight Mesmer

    Source 2
    The Great and Glamourful Trixie

    Source 3
    Crouching Cellist, Hidden DJ

    Source 4
    Skies of Fires

    Source 5
    Princess Derpy

    Source 6
    Cadence Portrait

    Source 7
    Running of the Leaves

    Source 8
    Appletank M1A1

    Source 9
    Welcome To the Hoof

    Source 10
    Nightmare Moon Steampunk Empress

    Source 11

    Source 12
    Bass Drop

    Source 13
    My Name is Queen Chrysalis. I am your s-

    Source 14
    Couple of Showponies

    Source 16
    Nightmare Demomoon

    Source 17
    The cake is...

    Source 18
    Poker night

    Source 19
    For Buzucat four Pony OC and Pony avatar

    Source 20
    On a rope

    Source 21
    Soul of the stars. Or just Princess Luna

    Source 22
    Ponies on the Side

    Source 23
    The Great and Powerful Trixie

    Source 24
    COMMISSION: Lodestar

    Source 25
    Pony Stark

    Source 26
    Princess Luna Crying

    Source 27
    Supaiku to Kyozo

    Source 28

    Source 29
    Never Too Late for the Welcome Wagon

    Source 30

    Source 31
    More Trixie!