• Story Updates March 27th (Morning)

    Really late story updates you say? I blame something entirely unrelated that doesn't exist.

    Have some. 

    Story: Rorschach in Equestria


    Author: Ex-Nihilos
    Description: Instead of being killed in the cold Antarctic by Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach finds himself rematerialized in a strange new, pony filled world. He finds himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Ponyville but some ponies fear that this sociopath will bring danger and darkness to an otherwise peaceful existence. Will the mane 6 help Walter Kovac find peace within himself or will he bring them all down with him in his cold views of reality and existence?
    Rorschach in Equestria

    Story: The Prince and the Workhorse (Update Part 14!)


    Author: Fellstorm
    Description: When Princess Celestia bans Blueblood from frolicking withing the Canterlot city limits, he strikes out for Ponyville, determined to prove to the world that he's his own stallion and get out from under his aunt's long shadow. Meanwhile, Big Macintosh pines for Twilight Sparkle, but knows she'd never be interested in a simple country pony. With the help of some stolen zebra magic, the two stallions switch bodies, triggering a chain of events that will turn life in Ponyville upside-down!
    The Prince and the Workhorse


    Story: The Mailmare (Update Part 3!)


    Author: theamberfox
    Description: It was supposed to be boring. The Annual Magic Users Convention is the one event of the year that recognizes all the accomplishments that unicorns, alicorns and other magic users have made. It's usually a night of long-winded speeches, mind-numbing presentations and unappetizing food. But when a certain mailmare finds two tickets to the convention addressed to her house, she decides that it is not only her privilege, but her duty to attend. And after suitably preparing herself for the occasion, she changes what is usually a boring night into one of the wildest and most bizarre experiences in a thousand years.
    The Mailmare


    Story: Hooves And Dials (Update Part 3!)

    [Sad][Shipping][Slice Of Life]

    Author: That Awesome Brony Guy
    Description: Vinyl Scratch doesn't spend her life just spinning tunes at parties. She has a day job at 105.3 FM "The Horn", a Ponyville radio station. While she's working there she ends up trying to repair her relationship with her lost love and fellow on-air DJ Octavia, and in the process she gets more than she bargained for!
    Hooves And Dials

    Story: Dauntless (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Sad][Light Shipping] The Last Airbender crossover time! We really need that second season thing...

    Author: The Cabbage Merchant
    Description: Growing up in the Fire Nation, Nocturne has tried her hardest to learn how to firebend. Both of her siblings have grasped it incredibly well, leaving her in the dust. While she may never be able to bend fire, the discovery of her true talent will test her bonds with her family and friends, and may change the world forever.

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