• Episode Followup: It's About Time

    It's episode followup time!  Twilight Sparkle hasn't had one dedicated specifically to her in quite a while now, and from the episode summaries coming up, this is her last for the season.  I may sound biased, but I love me some Twilight episodes.  The poor girl just loses her mind in the best way. 

    Have some followup stuff!

    I'm going to start off with Pinkie Pie this time around instead of Twilight.  Why? Because Pinkie Pie has the best eyes.   No one can match her expressiveness! It's impossible.

    As is the norm for her, she pulls off all sorts of crazy Pinkie "magic", to keep the plot going.  Not only does she apparently have hiding places for everything, but she is also a Gypsy.  Where have I see that before I wonder?  Those Friendship is Witchcraft guys sure did guess right here!

    Now back to Twilight!

    She doesn't quite go completely insane this time around, but staying up for three days straight sure does have an effect on her.   Twilight Sparkle has the best freakouts.  Not even Rarity can come close.  And they are always ridiculous. 

    Being Celestia's student sure does come with some interesting benefits.  Top of the line telescopes for every window? No problem!

    She is also a genius.  The chalk board actually has a completely legitimate equation on it.  This was sent by a physics student named Tertius.  You can check out the comparison in the image above!

    On to other characters!

    I was told by the guys watching me livestream this post that I needed to include Applejack/Rarity shipping, or else... so have it.  I'd say its more cute than shipping, but to each their own I suppose!

    We also had Rainbow Dash add yet another city to our list of canon pony locales.  All hail Las Pegasus.  Sorry people out there with your Las Neighas!  I'm pretty sure Rainbow Dash has changed it!

    She also mentioned Baltimare at one point.  These puns are glorious.

    Onward to references!

    The one that most of you seemed to explode over in comments, was the addition of Tartarus and Cerberus to the world of pony.   I for one welcome our new Greek Mythology pony stuff!  Hopefully we get to see these evil beasties twilight mentions. 

    Though, she doesn't really seem to care much, in fact, Twilight seems almost excited to come face to face with the legions of the damned. I'd be more afraid of this thing than the Ursa Major.  I guess that little incident increased her confidence or something.

    But as always, Fluttershy handles it. 

    And of course, major reference number two: Metal Gear Solid.  The headband, the eyepatch, the suit... even the hair.  Twilight Sparkle is totally solid snake. Phoe also pointed out that the scene above is a reference to Escape From New York.  I've never seen the movie, so I'll take her word for it!

    And one more Metal gear reference to finish us off.  Even the spotlights have similar sound effects.

    Overall, we have yet another solid episode. It wasn't quite as over the top and crazy as the sonic rainbow nukes and Kung-fu Shy from Lesson Zero, but it was still yet another interesting romp into the complex mind of Twilight Sparkle.

    Have some Pinkie Pie's psychic hotline below!