• Nightly Roundup #236

    It looks like the art stream thing was a pretty big success! All three channels broke 50+ people, which is pretty big considering it's so late.

    I will probably keep doing that in the future, though it might just be a nightly "Artist spotlight" where I link just one.

    Have some news!

    Michelle Creber (Apple Bloom) joins Mandopony For Music Collaborations

    Holy Twilight Sparkle's hooves, it looks like mandopony has a pretty badass collab partner for his upcoming music.  Sadly it's not pony, but that's still pretty badass! Check out the video above.

    Imperial College London "Felix" Reports on Pony

    Is that seriously the same felix the cat from back in the day? These colleges have the oddest mascots!

    Have an article.

    Fillydelphia Radio Station

    Copy Paste:

    Fillydelphia is a new pony radio station, started about mid-December last year, that focuses on the brony music scene. We currently have 3 DJs, a IRC channel on Canternet.org, and a website, http://fillydelphiaradio.net/

    Our station is highly involved with artists, and focuses on music, as well as promoting artist releases. Currently, our station is nearing completion. All that left to finish is the request system (we have a working beta, with no website, that runs via IRC). However, we have just about everything else ready to go! Here are some links:

    Mane site: http://fillydelphiaradio.net/
    Tumblr: http://fillydelphiaradio.tumblr.com/
    IRC channel: http://client.canternet.org/?nick=Pony_.&channels=fillyradio&prompt=1&uio=d4

    Successful Meetups

    French Meetup

    Disney World Meetup 

    It's a smaller one, but ponies invading Disney World is alright in my book! Check out the writeup here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Lakeland Brony Group


    MSU Brony Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Scratch Plushie
    Scootalooooo beanie plush

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