• New MALE Alicorn?

    Someone tossed this up on Ponibooru from one of those random foreign pony magazines, specifically a French one in this case.   It was translated by Kole  in the comments section:
    And Rarity finally walks in the ball room like a fairy princess !

    But as she gets near to the prince’s throne, she discovers … a 4 years old little pony! « Let me introduce you Leon, my little cousin. » announces Celestia.

    « Today, I’ve been impressed by the strength of your dreams and by the sacrifice you made to realize Rarity’s. As a reward, I’m inviting you at a private banquet. Rarity, you’ll be able to dance all night long with … my nephew Vladimir. I heard you’d like to meet him, wouldn’t you? » The princess adds with a smirk.
    I guess Alicorns are becoming commonplace!

    There isn't a whole lot of other information on it, but it looks pretty legit from what I have seen of these magazines (Very basic vectors and edits).

    (We can't link ponibooru here, it tends to die a horrible death every time)

    \Thanks to Jones for the heads up!