• Story Updates (January 16th (Morning)

    Mass Effect 3 needs to come out!

    Until then, have some pony stories.

    Story: The Virtuous Sister (Update Part 7!) 

    4 Star


    Author: Some1Else
    Description: While Celestia is away overseeing the development of a new settlement, Luna receives a letter requesting Celesta's presence at the Ponyville hospital. Though she lacks an official decree that all her powers as a princess have been restored, Luna decides to take matters into her own hooves and investigate the issue without sending word to her sister. She quickly becomes involved in a battle against an ancient evil creature, a member of Celestia's personal council, and a certain misguided pony all while trying to adhere to the eight virtues.
    The Virtuous Sister

    Story: Come to Your Senses (Update Part 6!) 

    4 Star

    [Normal] Western time!

    Author: Taren
    Description: Two days before the Founding Festival in Appleloosa, a stallion by the name of Desperado stops in town. Staying with Braeburn until he can get a train out, the stallion must help out the Appleloosans in their hour of need, while also confronting the flaws in his lifestyle.
    Come To Your Senses


    Story: Anthropology (Update Part 6!)


    Author: JasonTheHuman
    Description: The story of Lyra's lifelong search for the truth about humans

    Story: Magic Effect (Update Part 5!) 

    5 Star

    [Crossover][Grimdark][Sci-fi] More Mass Effect Ponies! Unlike the other story, it's human in Equestria style.

    Author: iheartfornax
    Description: Through the workings of an ancient scroll, the world of ponies is transported to another universe. Will this cold, heartless, and uncaring void be the end of ponies everywhere? For to carve out a place of their own in this new galaxy, what ancient secrets, forbidden practices, and forgotten artifacts must see the light of day and night?
    Magic Effect

    Story: The Combinatorics Project (Update Bonus Chapter!) 

    5 Satr


    Author: Thorin N. Tatge
    Description: Six ponies. Fifteen combinations. Five alternate universes.
    Let's get this ship sailing!
    The Combinatorics Project