• Nightly Roundup #217

    I was going to use news caster Cheerilee, but I couldn't resist the Twilight Sparkle.

    Tons of meetups this time around.  I dont think roundups can hold them all!

    Sac Anime Tara Strong Celestia Letter

    It's a shorter one, but that is totally Tara Strong. I wonder if she ever gets sick of Letters to Celestia?

    Pinkie Pie Train Commercial

    One of these days we will see a commercial dedicated to Derpy Hooves, and it will be glorious. Until then we get this. That's not the Pinkie Pie I know and love!

    Fluttershy "Raps"

    Yeeah, it exists.

    I Got Interviewed Again!

    Someone from Impossibly Glamorous asked me a bunch of random pony questions. I guess they are genuinely surprised that we exist! 

    Check out the full interview here!

    Scootaloo Roomba

    I have no clue what this is, but Scootaloo is on it so TO THE ROUNDUP!

    More images here.



    Bronies on Saturday Radio Podcast

    Yep! Another one.  Hit it up here!

    [email protected] Update

    Copy Paste:

    Congratulations to the 50+ entrants in the [email protected] competition! Two weeks down, and another six to go. If you wish to join, you may of course do so at any time, but by this stage, perhaps only the faster computers could enter now and have a chance at winning. In any case, it is not just about the competition; If you are interested in assisting medical science regardless, check out the links for more information:

    Main page:

    Youtube channel:

    Current contestant progress:

    210 members and rising! Lets get that up to 300, and beyond!

    Radio Play Needs VA's

    Copy Paste: 

    An Equestrian Invasion is a full adaptation of the original 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast starring Orson Welles. With the script finally done, it's time to start recording soon. There are only one or two male parts that are not yet cast, but what we really need is anypony interested in voicing about a paragraph for Princess Luna and a couple lines for a policemare. It's a huge plus if anypony has sound effects experience, too.

    You can find a copy of the script here.

    Voz, who's heading the project, can be found here. Anypony interested, do what you can to clean up your sound quality, post a demo to YouTube, and message Voz about it! Thanks a ton!"

    Vanacast: Baby Cakes

    Another Episode, Charge!

    Wallpaper Doc Updated

    As always, you can find it here! Apparently its 10 times bigger than when it started at this point. That's a ton of wallpapers.

    Elements of Awesomery Livereading

    I'm sure a good amount of you have read it, so have a livereading to go with it!

    Part 1
    Part 2

    Successful Meetups

    Perth again!

    So many meetups!

    And the album

    Oahu Meetup

    I want to live there... Have a video!

    And a facebook page!

    Tuscon Meetup

    I didn't know it was snowy in Tuscon... What is this voodoo?!

    Rocky Mountain. NC Meetup

    It's cheating when the ponies almost out number you!

    Northern California Meetup

    Have a video!

    And a writeup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Inland Empire Meetup

    Where: Txonia Park

    When: January 21st 2:00 PM


    Austria Brony Page


    Phoenix Bronies Group

    It's actually in the UK! Hit the page here.

    Battlefield 3 Brony Forum


    SWTOR Guild

    We play in the server Ven Zallow. Players who wish to contact us may message any of the members in game (Ezhan, Colgate, Djpony, Kibeth, Nabonju, Pinkamenapie, Saffans, Trixi or Yonathan).

    Chicago Meetup: Shedd Aquarium

    When: February 4th 12-5 PM


    Chicago Meetup #2!

    When: Saturday, February 4th, 5pm
    Where:Colonial Cafe & Ice Cream , 600 S McLean Blvd, Elgin IL, 60120
    What: Icecream social, PRETTY MUCH pff, lol! Everyone's welcome!



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