• Nightly Roundup #229

    I have no clue what is going on in this image, but it's awesome.

    And Rainbow Dash is awesome.

    But she already knows that.

    Have some news!

    Vancouver Fan Expo - Snails, Blueblood, and Fancy Pants Attending

    For all of you up in Vancouver, apparently the voice actors behind Snails (Richard Cox), and Blueblood/Fancy Pants (Trevor Devall) will be attending.  They don't have a ton of lines in the series, but I'm sure you guys can go bug them about some pony related stuff!

    Check the con out here.

    Ponysquare Crash

    These dudes need a banner!
    For the people out there that use Ponysquare for all your social networking needs, have some copy paste from the admins about the recent outage:
    We’re very sorry to inform you that we have had a server crash on our database server.
    This unfortunately mean that all user profiles and everything added to the site since the latest backup is gone with the server. Even worse is it that the latest off-site backup we have is from 01/11. Our backup from Wednesday is unfortunately on the server that crashed since we had not taken a file-system error into consideration.
    We have done everything we could trying to save the data including hiring an IT professional to recover the database without luck.

    This ultimately means that the almost few thousands new members we have got since that will have to make new accounts if they choose to give us another chance.
    We will do our best to gain your trust again and will get a professional security check of our server to ensure something like this never happens again.
    This was suppose to be a weekend of progress and developments but unfortunately ended up being a weekend of data loss and downtime.

    Again we’re incredible sorry about what have happened and can nothing but hope the members with the deleted accounts will give us and PonySquare another chance and help us move forward.

    - The PonySquare Team

    BroNYCon Mythology Panel

    This was actually supposed to be at the last BroNYCon, but ended up having to be moved to Youtube! Check it out below.

    Podcasts/Vlogs/Radios - New Episodes/Updates

    This Week In Ponies

    Episode 9

    Blank Flank Radio
    Every Sunday from 9-2pm US Mountain Time, Hit up this page for music!

    The Top 10 Video Voting for January Has Begun!

    As always, hit up the video for information on joining in!

    Also Skyrim music. Nice touch!

    Bronycraft 2 Starcraft Tournament

    Over on Team Liquid, a Starcraft 2 tournament dedicated to pony is looking for more people to join in. If you have the skills for it, check out the primary post for all the relevant information!

    Successful Meetups

    Phillipines Meetup


    I lol'd. Have some clop free copy paste:
    Yesterday, January 28, 2012, a small portion of the Philippine Bronies (28 people) met for a day of fun and Ponies. We derped at the Arcade, then invaded the Pink section at "Toys R Us", much to the staff's surprise and then left as quickly and loudly as we came, leaving the staff confused and slightly panicking. And then ended the day with a feast at Pizza Hut :D
    Malaysia Meetup

    Wow, light painting is pretty badass. Have some links and a copy paste:

    "Our group held its fourth meetup on a clear Saturday evening arriving at
    4.00pm and adjourning at midnight, after viewing the latest Episode 15
    (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000) on livestream at 11pm. A total of 15
    ponies were in attendance."

    Facebook Page

    Spokane Meetup


    Copy Paste:
    On January 28, the Spokane Area Bronies had their first meetup.  There were no plans figured out ahead of time past "let's all meet up here at this time", yet it turned out to be a fun day.  After gathering up at the River Park Square mall, we decided to take a picture by the Red Wagon in Riverfront Park.  After taking a few photos, we wandered over to a local gaming store called Uncle's Games and browsed.  Turns out that the employees that were there for that shift are also bronies!  We would up purchasing a chakram-style flying disc, and wandered back over to the park and played catch for a while.  A noteworthy highlight of that was when Fluttershy kept the disc from going into the river (translation: the disc hit a tree, thus avoiding the river).  We headed back to River Park Square for lunch, chatting and listening to pony music while we brainstormed other ideas for future meetups.  After wandering around the mall and downtown for a while longer, we realized that the meetup had been going on for over 4 hours!  We headed our separate ways, agreeing to have another meetup on February 11th.
    Northern California Meetup 
    They didn't send me a specific group image, but I saw this on the meetup page so TRIXIE FTW. 

    Have some links:

    Cal Poly Meetup

    I guess this group hits around 40 total.  They also want more people! 

    They didn't give me a group page, but it looks like the email address is specifically for the group, so hit that up if you want to join:  [email protected]

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Chicago/Subarb Area Meetup

    Time: Saturday, February 4th, 5:00 PM
    Location: Colonial Cafe and Ice Cream


    University of Texas at Austin MLP Group


    Prince Edward Island Group


    Dungeon Fighter Online Guild

    Guild Name: DungeonBronies

    Search for guilds and request to join!

    Northwest Arkansas Meetup

    When: Thursday, February 2nd, 5:30 pm
    Where: University of Arkansas Fayetteville, in front of the Union
    Plans: Once the group is assembled and introductions made, carpool to CiCi's Pizza to take over! Or just graze happily...that's fine too. We'd love to see you there!
    Bring: Some money for pizza, a smile, and your love of all things pony.
    E-mail: [email protected]

     Mario Kart 7 Group

    Name: PonyvilleRaceway
    Code: 36-1851-0279-0538.

    Las Cruces Group

    Description: A Local MLP:FIM Fan Group in the Las Cruces, NM Area


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Celestia Plushie
    Plushie Raffle
    Nurse Redheart Plushie