• The Brony Show Episode 37

    It's that time of the week again! Have some copy paste after the break if you plan on tuning in!

    "The Brony Show, Episode 37 - KevinSano

    Hello everypony! It's another Monday, which means another installment of the Brony Show! Circuit Mane returns to join D-Pad and Hypermark as we send more pony your way than you can wag a stick at! We've got a great lineup of content just for you, and we can't wait to get started.

    We shall start promptly at 6:00 PST (that's 9:00 EST for our east coast fans) with a smattering of news; everything from our humble show updates to the current events of the Brony world, we've got it here. Then we'll move right into our interview with the incredibly talented artist KevinSano, who's deviantArt page can be found here: http://kevinsano.deviantart.com We'll be asking him our own questions before we turn him loose to you, the viewers, to ask your own!

    You'll also get our coverage of the newest episode, Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, after which we'll move straight into a setlist of pony videos and music. Join us for Crimson the Wolf's Oatmeal Galore Afterparty when the show ends for even more fun!

    www.livestream.com/thebronyshow or www.thebronyshow.net
    It all starts at 6:00 EST/9:00 PCT. Can't wait to see you there!"

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