• Nightly Roundup #223

    I still prefer warrior Derpy.  Equestria Prevails is just awesome.

    Have some nightly roundup!

    BroNYCon Charity Auction Success!

    Some epic wins recently went down for the charity auctions based around Ashleigh Ball and Andrea Libman signed posters. Have some copy paste from Purple Tinker !

    So, the results of our post-con charity auctions are in, and we are very impressed! Three signed posters (one signed by Ms. Ashleigh Ball, one signed by Ms. Andrea Libman, and one signed by both of them) went for a stunning total of $1175, which is being donated to the Toys for Tots charity via eBay Giving Works. Thanks to all who bid, and congratulations to the winners on getting a piece of BroNYCon charity history!


    Pony Fingernails

    Holy ponies, that's a lot of ponies.  I don't know anything about this sort of thing, but I'm sure its a huge pain to paint stuff that small.  Pretty impressive!

    Filly Film Features: Valentines are Magic Project!

    The video explains it way better than I can! check it out.


    They hit up The Last Roundup this time! Check it out here!


    Fluttershy Invades Sonic the Hedgehog 

    These ponies sure do dominate the old platforming games! Fluttershy is best Tails replacement.

    Epic Pie Time Voice Actor Interview

    “Hello everypony! This is Edock from PonysLiveNow (http://www.twitch.tv/ponyslivenow)
    We are going to be having a live Q&A session with Bree Faith, the voice actor of Pinkie Pie
    from Epic Cupcake/Pie Time this upcoming Monday at 5PM PST! If you missed BronyCon,
    this is now your time to ask questions! See you there!”

    Successful Meetups

    Empire Brony Meetup (Redlands, California)

    Looks like a smaller one, but they met at Denny's so THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH! 

    Check out their page here!


    Have some copy paste!

    This meetup took place this past Saturday, and went very well if I do say so myself. The turnout was good (18 in all) and we definitely rocked a Panera pretty hardcore. There's a slight chance we might not be allowed back there after cleaning out their stock of Apple Crunch muffins and barricading off an entire section of the restaurant for over five hours. It was a grand time, and halfway through it all an art fight broke out, with five ponies competing to see who could best recreate the painting on the wall with Pinkie Pie. Yes, Pinkie on a unicycle juggling baked goods. It had to be done. Source, results, and video below.

    Check out their website here, and a video here

    Calgary Meetup

    They didn't give me a picture, but they did make a video! Check it out here.

     Queensland Brony Group

     Copy Paste:

    We started the day of meeting at Centrals shopping centre with one of us going onto the stage they had set up there to Announce we are proud Bronies. After that we went around looking for pony swag as one does when there at the shops, I ended up buying a Pinkie Music box =) and changing computer displays to play ponies on youtube. Then after some lunch we headed out to the beaches for a bit of fun, ate a GIANT BRONY cupcake and went to play some Cricket on the beach but instead started drawing ponies with the Cricket gear, I think we made the right choice (Photos Attached). We decided while we were out there to go say "hi" to one the Bronies who wasn't allowed to go and cheer her up, after some brofists a few of our group decided to go home while the rest of us went into town that night to watch the Chinese new years fireworks. After hanging around for a while we all decided to go home and watch NEW PONIES (Airs 1am Sunday morning Australian time). All in all it was a fantastic meet up and the new pony episode made the end of a great day even better


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Central WI Meetup

    It's a brand new year, and what better way to celebrate than with ponies!

    Events include:
       -A screening of the new episode
       -A riffing on a Generation One episode (Celestia help us!)
       -Brony music
       -Request hour
       -And more!
    Link here: http://meetu.ps/6r29T

    Canberra Bronies Club/ Meetup


    Yorkshire Bronies (Leeds, UK)

    All information in the poster! Check out the page here!

    Spokane Area Bronies Meetup

    Saturday at 11:30 AM




    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Smarty Pants Plushie
    Cutie Mark Duct Tape Wallets
     iPhone Pinkie Pie 
    Pony Keychains
    Scootaloo PLushie
    Crochet Pinkie Pie
    Lyra Beanie Plush
    Big Mac Blanket
    Pony Shoes

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