• Pre-Episode Pony Service Announcement

    A new episode is airing in just a few hours.  As always, expectations are high, and we are all excited to see our favorite ponies being awesome.  Lately though, the comments on episode posts have been less than respectful of the hardworking team that works almost year round to bring us new episodes to enjoy.

    The massive amount of fan content created in this community is excellent, but it also blinds us a bit to the actual workings of the show.  Last week was probably the worst case of this.  I was glad to see a lack of explosions over Luna being totally different than our fan versions.  As a group, we did a good job of taking in the real Moon goddess.  The outcry in comments over Mare-Do-Well's identity was a bit ridiculous though (among other complaints).  As cool as Derpy or Trixie jumping out of the costume would have been, that isn't really how the show has ever worked. It's about the Mane six, not our fan characters. 

    Please try to be respectful.  The people at Studio B/Topdraw do us a huge service already.  They read comments on EQD, and a few have been a bit put off my the brony community lately. Working on a show of Friendship is Magic's caliber, especially now that the pressure is on, isn't an easy task. They set the bar high, and so far have done a great job of hitting it, and even exceeding it.

    We don't need to be critical of every single aspect of the cartoon.  Enjoy it for what it is.  FiM is making history, just enjoy the ride.

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