• Nightly Roundup #175 - OCTOPUS

    This is what FiM would look like if the team behind Spongbob got the contract instead.

    Have some news to celebrate this not happening.

    Top 10 PMV Voting for November is up!

    For those that follow The Movie Brony and his top 10 pmv contests, a new one has popped up for vote! Go hit it up by following the this link, or the video below!

    Ponychat Demographic Map

    Looks like we really are taking over the world! This is the most recent map for Ponychat.net, the Pony IRC.

    I guess all these European meetups aren't so surprising after all! 

    Check out the map page here!

    Early PMV Hits 1,000,000 Hits!

    What a classic... It reminds me of the old days.

    Meetups/Groups/Guilds Looking for More

    Secret Santa Cohoes, NY Meetup

    Where: Viewing Lounge, 100 N. Mohawk St., Cohoes, NY.
    When: December 10th at 3PM

    HELLO FAIR CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE, On December 10th, we're going to be having our first ever Albronies Christmas Party at the Luna Viewing Lounge at 100 N. Mohawk St., Cohoes, NY! Come check out the tenth episode of Season 2, "Secret to My Excess", featuring Spike! It sounds like a good episode to have on a day centered around presents, ponies, and warm fun. There will be Secret Santa, games of the video and board variety, and even desserts from one of our member's bakery!

    Our Meetup site is www.meetup.com/Bronies-Albany if you're interested in joining our group or seeing what all we're up to! There are lots of exciting things going on up here, so we hope you get on board!

    Budapest Meetup

    No link for this one!

    Stronghold Kingdoms Faction

    Faction Name: The New Lunar Republic
    General: SvBlueJay

    The faction is located on World One.
    The exact location is
    England>South East England>Kent>Orpington>Cloudsdale and Hoofington

    Anyone on World One is free to join, regardless of skill or location.
    Any questions etc need to be sent to me, SvBlueJay

    Our future plans are to become as powerful as possible, by spreading tolerance throughout the land.


    Derpy Helmet


    Equestrian Tides - Fight or Flight (Episode 6)

    Copy Paste:
    This week's episode features Lampy of Equestria Music, Paul the fanfic writer and Seargent Sprinkles - 'cause you can never have too many cupcakes. We start the show off by discussing this week's newest episode of MLP: The Mysterious Mare Do Well. Due to popular demand, Dr.Awesome replies to his many fans and apologizes to those he may of offended. Then we talk about an amazing Minecraft pony mod, as well as our immense excitement for Mane6's "Fighting is Magic"

    Crazy Pony Physics Thingy! 

    Ponies... are magical.

    Yogcast Pony Episode Number 2

    I will resist minecraft...

    Fighting is Magic Seeking Pinkie Pie Voice Work

    For the voice actors out there, Fighting is Magic needs someone to do Pinkie Pie. Check out this post for more information!

    Queensland Brony Meetup

    Unleash the swarms!

    No writeups or anything on this one.  Slackers.

    Merch/Ebay StuffDerpy Plushie
    Derpy Blindbag
    Dash Clock
    Rarity Plush

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