• Story: Cheer On (Update Story 2!)


    Author: GWFan
    Description: After a budget cut, Cheerilee is replaced by a younger and stricter teacher. Cheerilee searches for a new job in Ponyville while her students deal with the new teacher. However, everything is not what it seems. Can Cheerilee use her vast knowledge to save her students and Ponyville?
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    1. First is for heretics and blasphemers!

    2. Looks interesting, i'm fairly picky about comedy but this idea appeals to me. I'll give it a read later.

    3. I fail to see how a new, inexperienced teacher would be necessary in the first place. If there's a budget cut, they just cut peoples pay unless it's an extreme difference in pay for the new person, it's not economically feasible considering all the necessary administrative work.

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    5. Oh another cheerilee story. The other ones pretty good ill give this one a go tonight.

    6. Oh look, its "Cheerilee gets fired" again.

    7. @Jedifreak

      For the same reason ANY business will let a more experienced associate go in order to replace them with someone fresher. The position may be necessary, but by pulling in someone new, there are many benefits to reap.

      First of all, you don't have to pay them nearly as much as your older associate. Time is money - and that's true for the workforce, as well. All those years you spend in a position mean raises, increases benefits, more paid vacation time, etc. But by replacing that experienced associate with a fresh face, it's like wiping the slate clean. Why do you think retail and fast food chains chew through so many associates so quickly? It keeps them from having to invest greater pay in them.

      But also, a newer associate is easier to control. Those who have been in a position longer will tend to become comfortable in their role. This means that they're more likely to make demands of the management - and perhaps even work toward their own ends, whatever that might be. A newer teacher is more likely to be intimidated by the board. Especially being hired to directly replace her predecessor like that.

      And let's not forget that people in management are OFTEN completely ignorant to the way things work in the real world. Have you ever worked in a retail position, for example, and been forced to work towards the demands of Corporate no matter how insane they may have been or how much they hurt your business? A good chunk of management positions are filled by higher-education toadies. Individuals with only theory and scholastic study under their belt, and little to no real-world experience. So, not every decision that gets made IS going to be a good one.

    8. @snowy1
      *applause* You know, having worked in retail for 2 years, I really wonder what goes on in the heads of retail management sometimes. Particularly when I was the one getting yelled at by the customer.

      Anyway, back on topic, I liked the first part of this story. It had some laugh-out-loud moments and I'll be interested to see where this goes next, and what happens with the new teacher.

    9. Oh knoes! Who will think of the children!? D:

      All worries aside, this looks fun. I enjoy a comedy fic now and again.

    10. This first chapter was quite enjoyable. I'll hope the next one comes soon(tm).

    11. Cheerilee used to be a professional wrestler? What the buck? Is she the mare version of George "the Animal" Steele?

      And this story looks like it'll be good.

    12. @snowy1 Ah, the joys of working retail and trying to keep clueless management happy. Hoo boy, I've been there.

    13. I got the impression Cheerilee should work for Twilight in the library

    14. Not a bad start, enough amusement to keep me interested, and a few questions that I'm sure will be answered. Four stars for now, and if it improves I'll bump it up to five.

    15. added to my list of fics to look for

    16. I guess teachers don't get tenure in Equestria. Tenure is there so they actually need a reason to fire you beyond you cost too much. Then again I haven't read it yet so maybe my questions are answered.

    17. It needs a bit of proofreading, but otherwise it looks good so far.

    18. Pretty funny so far! Keep it up!

    19. I had to stop myself from trying to solve the problems.
      But this is a very good fic.

    20. If anyone here knows how to solve those problems, man I'd love to see what's involved.

    21. Excellent story so far! I do have one nitpick: I think Applejack saying "You're crappin' me" and "she-devil" is a little too strong language (just my opinion). Looking forward to the next chapter!

    22. In case anyone's wondering how to solve Chapter 3's "super homework" problems with only paper and pencil...


      A pegasus flyin' from town A to town D must first pass through town B and then through town C. It is 10 miles farther from A to B than from B to C and 10 miles farther from B to C than from C to D. If it is 390 miles from A to D, how far is it from A to B?

      Let x = distance from A to B
      Let y = distance from B to C
      Let z = distance from C to D

      x + y + z = 390

      The easiest way to solve this is to realize that x is 10 miles more than y, and z is 10 miles less than y.

      x = y + 10
      z = y - 10


      x + y + z = 390
      (y + 10) + y + (y - 10) = 390
      3y = 390
      y = 130

      Solve for x...
      x = y + 10
      x = 130 + 10
      x = 140

      Answer: 140 miles


      A hardware store owner purchased 144 identically priced hammers from a wholesaler. When the hardware store owner wanted to set his sellin' price, he checked the shop's record for the wholesale price. His accountant had written a total of $1,#25.4# where the #'s represent illegible digits because the receipt was smudged. Determine the wholesale price of a single hammer.

      Kinda weird that the problem is in dollars and cents...

      Total = 1#25.4#

      Multiply by 100, to make the number easier to work with (pretend you're working with pennies)


      Let x = digit represented by first #
      Let y = digit represented by second #


      This number should be evenly divisible by 144. But we can't really do anything with 144. However, 144 can also be written as 4*4*9. So check if 1x254y is divisible by 4 and 9.

      A number is divisible by 4 if the last two digits are divisible by 4. So 4y must be divisible by 4.

      4y = 40 or 44 or 48
      y = 0 or 4 or 8

      A number is divisible by 9 if the sum of its digits is divisible by 9.

      1 + x + 2 + 5 + 4 + y
      x + y + 12

      If y = 0,

      x + 12

      x = 6

      If y = 4,

      x + 16

      x = 2

      If y = 8,

      x + 20

      x = 7

      Plug in the possible combinations of numbers, and you get...

      [x=6,y=0] 162540
      [x=2,y=4] 122544
      [x=7,y=8] 172548

      At this point, you can just brute-force the answer by performing long division on those three numbers. The correct number should be the quotient with no remainder.

      162540 / 144 = 1128 R 108
      122544 / 144 = 851 R 0
      172548 / 144 = 1198 R 36

      Answer = $8.51

      If dividing by 144 is a little hard with only paper and pencil, then try dividing by 36 and then checking for divisibility by 4 again. (Recall that we split 144 into 4*4*9. We checked the 9, but we only checked the 4 once.)

      162540 / 36 = 4515
      122544 / 36 = 3404
      172548 / 36 = 4793

      The correct number is 3404, so divide that by 4.

      3404 / 4 = 851

      Answer = $8.51


      Every month, a filly gets allowance. Assume last year she had no money, and kept it up to now. Then she spends 1/2 of her money on clothes, then 1/3 of the remaining money on games, and then 1/4 of the remaining money on toys. After she bought all of that, she had 7777 bits left. Assumin' she only gets money by allowance, how much money does she earn every month?

      (Note: The author said he might have goofed on this problem, so it may or may not change in the future.)

      Assuming one Equestrian year = 12 months...

      Let x = allowance per month

      12x = allowance in one year

      1/2 is spent on clothes.

      (1/2) * 12x = 6x

      1/3 is spent on games, so 2/3 is kept.

      (2/3) * 6x = 4x

      1/4 is spent on toys, so 3/4 is kept.

      (3/4) * 4x = 3x

      7777 bits are left over.

      3x = 7777

      Then perform long division to solve for x.

      x = 2592 R 1

      So yeah, it doesn't divide evenly. Oh well.

      Incidentally, if the leftover bits at the end of the problem was 6666 instead of 7777 (which would have meant 3x = 6666), then x would have been exactly 2222, which was Big Macintosh's answer.

    23. Oh I almost forgot about the integral problem.
      Yeah...that is impossible. Well, it might not be impossible, but it's not really something that should be expected to be done with pencil and paper. I'm guessing that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously by the reader.

      It looks deceptively easy, considering the integral of cos(x) = sin(x)+C, and the integral of 1/(1+x^2) = arctan(x)+C, but multiplying them together is an entirely different problem. Even trigonometric substitution doesn't work well, unless somebody knows how to find the integral of cos(tan(x)).

    24. Here's Wolfram's response to the integral problem:

      -i(1+e^2)Ci(i-x)+i(1+e^2)Ci(x+i)+(e^2-1)(Si(i-x)-Si(x+i)) all divided by 4e.

      Thanks to Happy Thoughts on fimfiction for the idea.

    25. *reads Chapter 4*

      ...Whoa nelly.

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    27. Cheerlie is about the same age as the mane 6, how can she be replaced by a teacher younger than her? If she were a human she'd be in her earlier 20's.

    28. I really need to read through my backlog...

    29. oh god for a second there I thought this was School Daze and ended in just 6 chapters when I was only on 5? I was all BUT HOW?! and then I re-read the title and looked at the picture noticing it's not the same exasperated expression she had in the other story and it said Cheer On.

      Yeah some Griffon-eyed brony I am xD

    30. Big Macintosh and Cheerlie as a tag team in professional wrestling? I really want to hear about that.

    31. I second what Shingo said. I want to see a story about Big Mac and Cheerilee AKA Lady and the Tramp working as a mixed genders tag team under Paul Haymare in the ECW (Equestrian Championship Wrestling) E-See-Dub! E-See-Dub!

    32. Cheerilee is best pro wrestler.

    33. So. Many. References... You'd think Hamster Dance would be already dead by now.

    34. This story was a great read. Cheerile constantly slipping into lecture mode while trying other jobs was adorkably hilarious, and when she hit full on cutie-mark-failure-insanity-syndrome level it only got better. It's not many stories that make me pause in fits of laughter, but this is one of them.

      Imagining the Apply family trying to work out those crazy math problems was also lodes of fun, as was the concept of Twilight going into full study challenge mode to get though them.

      With all the crazy slice of life type stuff going on I really didn't see the international takeover via ancient artifact plot twist coming. Up until then I was really enjoying just how much the story felt like it could be a actual episode and to be honest I might have preferred if the story stayed that way, but since the author is apparently setting up for some later story I'll just give it a wait and see attitude.

    35. Isn't Chapter two unsolvable? Equation 2 is simply half of equation 1 with one of the variables subtracted from one side. Using elimination this should result in 0 = 0. Must read on and find more math.

    36. End of chapter 5. Bwahaha, Awesome!

    37. Why isn't this Fic 6 star? Come on guys! Get your cheer on!

    38. @Luminous
      You're right in the sense that the pair of equations doesn't have a single answer. Since you can turn one equation into the other by multiplying each side by 2, there are an infinite number of solutions.

      All the other problems make sense, but that integral is a complete nightmare. No wonder Twilight had to pull an all-nighter on it.

      Sherlock Cheerilee to the rescue! Holmes did have the habit of occasionally shutting himself up at home to mull over the facts of a case, often with the help of a lot of very strong tobacco and coffee. The "master of disguise" angle plays nicely in here as well.

      Now if fimfiction would just let me read the last chapter!