• Project: Thank You Lauren Faust


    As we come up on the halfway point of season two, and continue to see Lauren's hard work and dedication firsthand, it's sometimes easy to forget just how remarkable FiM is.  While we aren't doomed now that she has moved on, we can't forget that she was the primary driving force to it's creation.

    Because of this, a new project has started up to thank her for this crazy pony train many of us have been riding for over a year now. 

    After the break is Purple Tinker's short copy paste about it, along with a movie explaining the entire idea in a bit better detail.

    We're all here because we love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-- and we love the community which has built up around this show, a community which could not exist without this show. Likewise, this show could not exist without the inspiration and efforts of the amazing Ms. Lauren Faust.
    Nobody else could have done the job that Lauren did. It's as simple as that. While she was surrounded by, and supported by, countless highly talented animators, voice actors, musicians, composers, singers, artists, and more, she was the one who got this particular ball rolling. The show bears the indelible marks of her creative vision, and hopefully it always will– because Lauren Faust's vision is a unique and wonderful thing, a bright spark in the animation field and in our pop culture in general.

    Accordingly, the BroNYCon staff are starting an effort to show Ms. Faust just how much she is appreciated, via a collection of short fan-submitted testimonials. The idea is simple; you sit in front of a camera and tell it how Lauren Faust's work has changed your life for the better. Then you submit it to a Youtube thread, et voila.
    A "press release" can be located here, and the introductory video is embedded below

    Happy videoing, everypony!

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