• Nightly Roundup #153

    Happy Skyrim day!

    Have some pony.

    Polish "At the Gala"

    It's not bad really!

    Star Wars the Old Republic PVP Server Guilds


    Twilight Dude Plugs Twilight Sparkle

    One of the guys from Twilight randomly dropped a pony reference after being questioned about his sparkly vampire skin. Check it out at 4:00!

    Shadocon Brony Panel
    On Saturday, November 12th at 4:00 PM in panel room 2, a brony panel is going on for those attending Shadocon. If you live in Tampa, and want to MERGE WITH THE HERDMIND, this might be something to check out!

    The website can be found here.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Swedish Brony Forum


    Houston Brony Meetup #2


    Tennessee Valley Facebook Group



    Bronies United: Owl City Fluttershys

    Yep, they did it again!

    Ollies Bargain Outlet has FiM Giftsets for 10 bucks

    For those seeking the increasingly difficult to find MLP Gift set, with the show accurate ponies, Ollies Bargains (A Liquidation outlet in various states) has it in stock for 10 bucks! Hopefully they give us the rest of the mane six some day, these are probably my favorite toys out of all the stuff I've grabbed.

    Equestrian Tides Podcast #3

    Another week, another episode of equestrian tides. Check it out here!

    Rainbow Dash's Voice Cracks for 2 Minutes

    Oh Dashie~

    Bigger Pony Socks at Zellers

    Just in case those old REALLY TINY pony socks weren't awesome enough for you, Zellers now carries larger ones. 

    Still too small for me, but maybe some of you have little feet!?

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Shorts
    Dash Pillow

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